Broadcast Connectors
– Audio-Video Circular Connectors

Connectors for broadcast applications

Broadcast professionals and producers demand high-performance, reliable equipment. Fischer Connectors delivers consistently, offering leading edge technology, consulting, installation, and training.  Our 1051 HD Triax connectors link HD video cameras and related equipment dependably. Plug-and-play circular connector and cabling solutions include fiber optic signal and power connectors, plus options for connecting the camera control unit (CCU) to cameras, equipping outside broadcasting (OB) vans, and connecting fiber media converters

Connectors and cable assembly solutions for broadcast applications
  • 1051 HD Triax Pro+, Fischer FiberOptic Series and Fischer Core Series for all your audio-video needs
  • Easy to clean, maintain and store
  • Simple, quick installation saves time
  • Watertight IP68 connectors suit inside and outside coverage
  • Rugged, proven and reliable connectors
  • Engineered for easy field repair
  • Lightweight, miniature design works well with portable devices

Field applications

  • Arriflex 416 Plus HS - Broadcast Connectors & Cabling by Fischer Connectors
    The Arriflex 416 Plus HS is one of the many cameras using Fischer Connectors for their connecting solutions
  • Camera Manufacturers - Broadcast Connectors & Cabling by Fischer Connectors
    Fischer Connectors is partner of many different camera manufacturers
  • Sporting Events - Broadcast Connectors & Cabling by Fischer Connectors
    Fischer Connectors is present at many sporting events.
Audio-Video product lines
Professional Triax for the Broadcast industry
Robust optical performance for extreme environments
Original high performance push-pull connectors
Rugged, compact and lightweight
High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
When weight matters