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Railway connectors

Keeping railways safe with rugged, reliable connectors

We Keep the Trains Running Punctually, Efficiently and Safely

Railways are often built across challenging terrain and need to withstand environmental extremes, and rolling stock and related infrastructure have to meet the highest safety and performance standards. 

At Fischer Connectors offers a vast range of versatile interconnection solutions for:

  • Monitoring power supply, catenary position and wheel-track interaction
  • Controlling wheel and track shape
  • Maintaining telecom networks
  • Providing onboard infotainment



Selected Products

Fischer FiberOptic

For performance and reliability, the pre-cabled Fischer FiberOptic Series

  • High-quality optics and large data transfer, ideal for indoor, outdoor and extreme applications
  • Well suited for monitoring and testing the railway network, and quickly identifying needed maintenance
  • Helps meet passengers’ demand for high-quality infotainment and stable Internet connections
Fischer UltiMate

For ultra-resistance, the durable Fischer UltiMate™ Series

  • Build smaller, more mobile instrumentation devices when you work with Fischer Connectors. 
  • Meet the team that gives you a competitive advantage when you find the perfect, rugged connector solution to your size, weight, power and data transfer challenges.
Fischer MiniMax Series

For more functionality on trains, the high-density Fischer MiniMax™ Series

  • Unique miniature signal and power solution with 20 signal and 4 power connections in one connector, optimizing space and costs
  • Rugged, plus easy to operate, clean and maintain

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