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Connectivity solutions for UAV applications

Connectivity solutions for UAV applications

Take your UAVs to new heights

Reliable connectivity shouldn't weigh you down.

As your partner in interconnect solutions, we'll turn your precise technical requirements into innovative solutions that make your drones lighter, smaller and smarter.

Whether for military, industrial or commercial applications, our interconnect solutions give unmanned aircrafts greater flight autonomy, the ability to carry heavier payloads and resistance to severe environments. 

Our Solutions

Our range of interconnect solutions for unmanned aerial technology are:

  • Compact and lightweight: Miniature solutions using highest pin density and weight-saving materials
  • Durable: Rugged solutions resistant to shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and chemicals, marine environments, and UV
  • Environmentally sealed: Water and dust sealing up to IP68/IP69
  • Fast: Rapid data transmission
  • Protected: 360° EMC shielding
  • Non-magnetic


Leading manufacturers of UAVs and related systems worldwide use our interconnect solutions for the following applications:

  • UAV power & control systems
  • UAV guidance systems
  • Inertial navigation systems (INS)
  • Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
  • Airborne laser scanners
  • Airborne lidar systems
  • Airborne camera and survey systems

Our Expertise

When it comes to drone technology, reliable connectivity is essential. Flawless, ultra-fast data transmission over long distances is especially critical for high-resolution aerial photography and video applications— where there might not be a second chance to capture the image. For high-speed data transfer and picture-perfect resolution, our high-density and fiber optic connectors provide the signal and power you need to get the shot, every time.


Many industries are turning to unmanned aerial devices to carry out quicker, safer inspections and detection operations. To help them, drones must be smaller, lighter and smarter than ever before. Our miniature connectivity solutions are renowned for their high-performance, reliability and speed, even in tough environments. When reducing size and weight is priority, our lightweight, compact connectors and cable assemblies are the solution.


Whether in combat, disaster surveillance, or search and rescue operations, drones must be able to withstand even the harshest environments. Our rugged connectivity solutions are fully sealed to resist extreme temperatures and conditions— essential in military, law enforcement and security applications. When your drone’s functionality is a matter of life and death, our connectors and cable assemblies ensure reliable connectivity when it matters most.

Our Products

Our connectivity solutions are renowned for their reliability, durability and precision. We offer a range of rugged and miniature products that are ideal for UAV applications.

We also offer custom solutions designed to meet your unique requirements.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you create lighter, smaller, smarter drones for any application.

Lehmann Aviation L-A Series

Lehmann Aviation’s L-A Series 2016 is an efficient professional drone used for mapping, mining and precision agriculture. The rugged, compact and lightweight Fischer UltiMate™ Series connectors used in this UAV’s onboard computer contribute to the safety and performance of its critical missions. 
Download the flyer here





Hexadrone Systems' Tundra-M is a fully modular and easy-to-use drone for industrial and multi-purpose tasks. The rapidly switchable arms and three quick release attaches make the Tundra-M extremely flexible to meet the needs of any profession, while making operational conditions easier to maintain. Made for extreme weather conditions due to rugged, waterproof design, this UAV uses Fischer MiniMax™ Series for rugged miniaturization and modularity. 
Download the flyer here


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