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MiniMax 6 configurations

High-density ultra-miniature connector

High-Speed Data in a High-Density Signal & Power Miniature Connector



The Fischer MiniMax™ Series increases the performance of miniature rugged devices. This ultra-miniature connector is a high-density, low-weight solution to wearable and mobile equipment challenges. Several configurations in two sizes provide 4 to 24 combined signal & power connections, available with a choice of three locking systems (push-pull, quick-release and screw). Rugged, with IP68 sealing for durability, the Fischer MiniMax™ Series features special contact blocks to enable high-speed data transmission over long distances via USB 3.0, HDMI and up to 10 Gb/s Ethernet.

This highly-engineered miniature connector is ideally suited for applications where Space, Weight and Power (SWaP) are critical, increasing portability and resisting water, corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures.

Available in anthracite (new standard) and black and as a pre-cabled solution.

Key features include:

high-density miniaturization
High-density miniaturization 
Up to 24 signal & power contacts in just 12 mm 
45% smaller and 75% lighter
Can replace multiple large connectors
Combines multiple protocols into one connector
High-speed data transfer
High-speed data transfer
USB 2.0 and 3.0
Ethernet (up to 10 Gb/s)
HDMI 1.4
Reliability Reliability
IP68 watertight (20m/24 hours)
5,000 mating cycle
1,000 hours salt mist spray

Application examples: medical, drone, remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and solar aviation.

High-Density Miniaturization

High density miniaturization

From medical to manufacturing, instrumentation and defense, the demand for high-density connectivity solution continues to drive innovation. The MiniMax solution is ideally suited for devices manufacturers looking for ruggedized, sealed and shielded connectors, with reduced weight and size, combined with optimal usability and performance.

High-Speed Data Transfer

High speed data transfer 

Minimax 08 holds a unique high-density configuration of eight AWG24 (American Wire Gauge) contacts for high-speed Ethernet, a dedicated optimized contact block for USB 3.0 as well as a 19-pin HDMI solution – ideal for rugged applications. This miniature connector provides a reliable data processing and signal integrity for the next generation of electronics. 

Whether for military, industrial or commercial applications, our interconnect solutions give unmanned aircrafts greater flight autonomy, the ability to carry heavier payloads and resistance to severe environments. 



Fischer Connectors’ sealed solutions are leveraging our historical and always improving know-how of underwater and pressurized environments applications. 

The Fischer MiniMax™ Series has been engineered for extreme environments where reliability and performance of high-density electrical connectors are critical, built for a maximum of mating cycles, vibration resistant and with the new standard IP68 sealing level of -20m for 24 hours.

MiniMax interface in the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive

Fischer Rugged Flash Drive

The extremely tough Fischer Rugged Flash Drive, specially designed for storage and transportation of sensitive data in harsh environments, now offers improved performance with the new MiniMax USB 3.0 interface. (Photo, right: the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive for the USB 3.0 MiniMax size 08)

White Papers

White Paper: The Increasing Impact of Data Speed and Miniaturization on Rugged Connector Selection

This white paper provides an overview of the most relevant parameters that determine whether a connector and/or a cable assembly can withstand a defined data protocol as well as the performances of the Fischer MiniMax™ Series cabled connectors according to Ethernet, USB and HDMI protocols.




White Paper - Miniaturisation
This white paper provides a perspective about the miniaturization of military connectors, and addresses issues of size, weight and functionality. The miniaturization of component electronics and connectivity plays a vital role in helping defense prime contractor and manufacturers to minimize weight and enhance usability and portability. 
White Paper - Considerations for connector design in mobile and patient-worn medical devices
This white paper takes a look at the increasing need for mobile and patient-worn devices, and makes recommendations on proper approaches to designing interconnect solutions for those applications. The ultra-miniature Fischer MiniMax™ Series is an example of a high-density low-weight solution to wearable and mobile equipment challenges.





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