Fischer Freedom™ Series - Awarded product

- Easy Mating
- Easy Cleaning
- Easy Integration
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Breakthrough connectivity technology

The Fischer Freedom™ Series serves as a technology platform offering breakthrough plug & use connectivity solutions with easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration to maximize efficiency, usability and performance.

Testing and designing electronic equipment requires  high-quality connectors to ensure repeatable, accurate connections and data protection. Our interconnect solutions, in the field of instrumentation, test & measurement and sensing applications, are used in areas such as monitoring, automation, sensors, data management, optical and imaging, metering systems and industrial robotics.

The Fischer Freedom™ meets rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental product qualification and testing according to relevant international industry and medical standards.

Fischer Freedom™ Series

Revolutionary low-profile connectors, cable assemblies and active devices:

  • 360° mating freedom 
  • Optimized cable management
  • Sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism 
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Fischer Freedom Series - Key USP

Key features

Easy mating
  • No key code
  • Blind mating
Easy cleaning
  • Membrane-sealed contacts
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Easy integration
  • Low profile, right-angled plug
  • Wearable integration OR panel mounted
Fischer Freedom™ Series - Instrumentation Infographics

FREEDOM for high-precision applications

  • Industrial Automation: low profile, 360° mating, optimized cable management
  • Test & Measurement: 10,000 mating cycles, compact & lightweight, data transmission
  • Laboratory Technology: IP68 sealing, extreme temperature resistance, plug & use
  • Process Instrumentation & Control: robust design, shock & vibration resistance, tested to IEC & IEA standards
Fischer Freedom Series - Piletest

Trusted in the field: Piletest

“We chose the Freedom connectivity solution because we had to replace our existing connector which broke under heavy outdoor use by technicians. The 90-degree low profile and ergonomy of the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector, as well as its plug & use technology and durability, perfectly match the requirements of our equipment which we use in harsh environments such as mud, rain, freezing tundras and deserts.” Gadi Lahat, VP Business Development, Piletest

*The Pile Echo Tester (PET) from our customer Piletest is an instrument used to test the integrity of pile foundations. It features the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector. More info on Piletest’s success story.

Fischer Freedom™ Series - Instrumentation Solutions

Made for extreme conditions

☑ Corrosion   

☑ Vibration   

☑ Shock   

☑ High temperatures


Meets international industry & medical standards


☑ EIA   

☑ MIL-STD-202   

☑ MIL-STD-810

Your connectivity design free of constraints: Fischer Freedom™

Our Fischer Freedom™ Series is more than just a connector product line: it is an entire technology platform that paves the way for the new definition of freedom.

Discover in this new video what the Fischer Freedom™ technology platform enables you to do.

8 test & proofs Fischer Freedom™ Series

At Fischer Connectors, innovations are engineered to last, hence the reliability and quality of all its connectivity solutions. Check out the video of the “tests & proofs” conducted on the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector! Learn more.

Photo of 4 awards LP360™

Technology innovation awards

The Fischer Freedom™ technology platform continues to gain international peer recognition: winning four awards in one year (web news, July 18, 2019). From left to right: 2018 Innovators Award, 2018 LEAP Award, 2019 Electronics Industry Award, 2019 Electrons d'Or.

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