- Easy Mating
- Easy Cleaning
- Easy Integration
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Breakthrough connectivity technology

The Fischer Freedom™ Series serves as a technology platform offering breakthrough plug & use connectivity solutions with easy matingeasy cleaning and easy integration to maximize efficiency, usability and performance.

Our interconnect solutions for portable & wearable devices and ecosystems are used in for a multitude of defense & security, medical, instrumentation & industrial applications, as well as in extreme environments.

The Fischer Freedom™ meets rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental product qualification and testing according to relevant international military and medical standards.

Fischer Freedom™ Series

Revolutionary low-profile connectors, cable assemblies and active devices:

  • 360° mating freedom 
  • Optimized cable management
  • Sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism 
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Fischer Freedom Series - Key USP

Key features

Easy mating
  • No key code
  • Blind mating
Easy cleaning
  • Membrane-sealed contacts
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Easy integration
  • Low profile, right-angled plug
  • Wearable integration OR panel mounted
freedom infographic

FREEDOM for wearable and portable applications

  • Defense & security: dismounted soldier equipment e.g. radio systems, night vision goggles, rugged switches and hubs
  • Medical: therapeutic exoskeletons, surgical cameras and headlamps, patient-worn diagnostic equipment, portable monitoring devices
  • Instrumentation & industrial: sensors, lightweight cobots, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) ecosystems
  • Extreme: underwater ROVs, ground-mapping and agricultural drones, extreme sports communication systems, automotive data storage

Wearin's connected vest

Wearin's connected vest is a centralized, integrated connectivity system featuring 6x Fischer LP360™ 7-contact receptacles fitted using the new Quick Detach System > Platinum 2020 Technology Innovators Award


VRaktion's smart work shoe

VRaktion's design engineers have integrated a Fischer LP360™ 4-contact receptacle in plastic into a smart work shoe using an obstacle warning system with laser sensors.


Made for extreme conditions

☑ Corrosion   

☑ Vibration   

☑ Shock   

☑ High temperatures


Meets international industry & medical standards


☑ EIA   

☑ MIL-STD-202   

☑ MIL-STD-810

Your connectivity design free of constraints: Fischer Freedom™

Our Fischer Freedom™ Series is more than just a connector product line: it is an entire technology platform that paves the way for the new definition of freedom.

Discover in this new video what the Fischer Freedom™ technology platform enables you to do.

8 test & proofs Fischer Freedom™ Series

At Fischer Connectors, innovations are engineered to last, hence the reliability and quality of all its connectivity solutions. Check out the video of the “tests & proofs” conducted on the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector! Learn more.

4-contact Cabled Receptacle

Launched in October 2020, the ready-to-use cabled receptacle is easy to integrate into garments or mount on panels – size 08, metal, 4 signal and power contact tracks, IP68 sealing, EMI shielding.

Quick to fit and remove

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Quick Detach System

Launched in October 2020, the Quick Detach System allows to easily convert flexible material into any potential panel, and to facilitate the quick fit and interchange of receptacles.

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