transportation connectors

Rugged, shock & vibration resistant solutions for land/air/water

TRANSPORTATION connectivity solutions

Whether people and goods are transported by railway, airplanes, maritime or automotive means, reliable connections are essential.  Fischer Connectors’ products are ideal for transportation industry applications, including signaling systems, data acquisition and transmission, security and control systems or performance tracking. We offer a complete range of rugged circular connectors designed for high reliability as well as mixed signal and fiber optic connectors for space optimization.

Connectors and assembed solutions for transportation applications

  • Rugged design for extreme environments
  • 360° EMC shielded connectors ensuring accurate data transmission
  • IP68 sealed connectors for watertight performance
  • Resist corrosion for long-lasting performance
  • Robust shock and vibration resistant design
  • Easy field maintenance

Field applications

  • MOBA Mobile Automation & Fischer Core Series circular connectors
    MOBA Mobile Automation uses the Fischer Core Series circular connectors for its on board equipment.
  • Themis NanoPAK™ Fischer MiniMax Series™ circular connectors
    The rugged NanoPAK™ small form factor computer features connectors from the Fischer MiniMax Series™, chosen for their signal + power combination and small, light footprint.
Transport product lines
Robust optical performance for extreme environments
Easy mating, easy cleaning, easy integration
Rugged, compact and lightweight
Original high performance push-pull connectors
High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
When weight matters
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