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Trend Paper: wearability

Connectivity solutions for wearable technologies

Reimagine connectivity for human-focused wearables

White Paper - Emerging Trends in Wearable Technology

Wearable technologies improve people’s health and safety, convenience and performance in consumer and commercial applications – with connectivity playing a crucial role.

As your partner in connectivity solutions, we put our creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, and engineering expertise at your disposal – to help you design wearable solutions that are seamlessly integrated, easy to use, and truly ease the burden on the end user.

Whatever your sector, application, or mission, our connectors and cable assembly solutions maximize the usability, efficiency, and performance of your portable and body-worn devices. By reimagining connectivity, we help you accelerate the development of new technologies, open up new opportunities for your customers, and break into exciting new markets.


Innovations in fields as diverse as connectivity, sensor technology, material and data sciences, robotics, and e-textiles, are driving rapid advances in smart wearables in a broad range of consumer and commercial sectors: healthcare, industrial & civil engineering, defense & security, robotics, and sport – to name just a few.

Some examples of purpose-built wearable devices in commercial applications:

  • In healthcare, patient-worn devices (like smart watches, vests and e-textiles), are used for monitoring and providing round-the-clock care, to collect biometric data to help with diagnoses, and even administer medicine to alleviate pain
  • In industry, smart Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as glasses and gloves, head-mounted displays, embedded cameras and audio devices are improving workers’ safety and health management in physically demanding and hazardous occupation, e.g. construction, mining, energy, oil & gas, and manufacturing
  • In robotics, wearable robots and exoskeletons are being used to enhance a person’s motion and/or physical capabilities, or to help soldiers and workers carry heavier loads or carry out their tasks more safely, e.g. therapeutic, road construction, battlefield, demining
  • In defense & security, tactical vests are worn by combat troops and law enforcement officers for monitoring their vital signs, and transmitting critical real-time surveillance and mapping intelligence; other wearables include cameras, radio systems, rugged computing, and night-vision goggles, as well as switches, hubs and batteries to recharge devices and nanodrones
  • In sport, on-body smart clothing provides real-time monitoring and biometric data capture to analyze players’ or drivers’ performance, e.g. breathing and heart rates, body temperature, hydration levels, and muscle tension, while wearable e-textiles provide functionalities like heat regulation, luminescence, touch, and sensitivity.

Our Solutions

The breakthrough plug & use connectivity technology offered by the Fischer Freedom™ Series and its first product the Fischer LP360 facilitates integration, maximizes usability and optimizes cable management for a wide variety of applications. It makes design engineers’ lives easier by being easy to integrate into wearable and portable applications, and makes end users’ lives easier by setting a new standard in usability.

Key characteristics of the Fischer LP360:

  • Integrability: low profile and easy to integrate into wearable solutions featuring sensors and data processing (e.g. IoT - Internet of Things - solutions), also ideal to optimize cable management
  • Easy mating: no key code, offering 360° mating freedom; blind-mate, non-magnetic ball locking
  • Easy cleaning: fully cleanable – on both plug and receptacle
  • High-performance reliability: 100% reliable, tested in line with MIL and IEC standards, watertight IP68 with membrane-sealed contacts, 10,000 mating cycles, resistant to shock, vibration, torque and extreme temperatures
  • Functionality: 7 contacts – power up to 3x 5A and signal 4x 1A with USB 2.0 and Ethernet
  • Usability: lightweight and compact for ease of movement
  • Versatility: available as plug only (directly integrated into the device’s housing) or cabled (with or without potting), with bend relief or overmolding


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to discuss how you can partner with us and how, together, we can reimagine connectivity for your wearable applications. 



An “intelligent” vest, which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices

An “intelligent” vest, which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus, enabled by the Fischer Freedom™ Series.


Twice - Fischer Connectors

The TWIICE exoskeleton, for which we designed ultra-light, rugged connectivity, enables paraplegic people to walk again.


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