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fischer LP360

Easy mating
Fully cleanable
Low profile

The Fischer LP360™ connector: Breakthrough plug & use connectivity technology

The Fischer LP360™ connector is the first product in the Fischer Freedom™ Series launched on 11 June 2018. This breakthrough low-profile, easy-to-mate and fully cleanable connector is easy to use and is easy to integrate into applications operating in diverse and challenging environments, including portable and wearable electronic ecosystems delivering power and data with optimized cabling.

Initially developed for a defense application - hence the focus on this market here -, the Fischer LP360™ is an extremely reliable and intuitive solution: tested to MIL standards, it is ideal for defense applications, even in the harshest environments and under the most demanding conditions. Its reliability and versatility make it also ideal for a wide variety of applications within other markets such as security, medical, industrial and civil engineering - to name just a few.

NEW features as of April 2019:

  • 3x AWG24 + 2x AWG26 + 1x2x AWG28 compatible with 3x 5A and USB 2.0 requirements for the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA)
  • Extended cable offer in TAN499 color (in addition to black)
  • IP68 protective caps

Soldiers in military operations need to have the most accurate equipment and integrated connectivity solutions. Fischer Connectors is a trusted partner of future soldier programs around the world, and its rugged connectors and cable assemblies are engineered to withstand the most extreme field conditions and reduce soldiers’ hassles.

Unlimited Freedom for Defense applications
The versatility of the breakthrough plug & use technology offered by the new Fischer Freedom™ Series makes it ideal for wearables and for a multitude of Dismounted Soldier, Ground, Aerospace and Marine applications.

Technology innovation awards

Photo of 4 awards LP360™

The Fischer Freedom™ Series technology platform continues to gain international peer recognition: winning four awards in one year (web news, July 18, 2019). From left to right: 2018 Innovators Award, 2018 LEAP Award, 2019 Electronics Industry Award, 2019 Electrons d'Or.

Optimized Cable Management

The new connectivity solution plays a major role in lifting one of the most basic roadblocks for Future Soldier Programs: cable management

The Fischer LP360™ connector eliminates the key code and thus offers 360° mating freedom, meaning it can be plugged and routed in any direction, ensuring that the cable on the vest can always go straight to the device. No more twists and turns means shorter cables in the kitted equipment. This also eliminates tangles, reduces clutter and increases usability, making equipment lighter and faster to set up. 

Fully cleanable on both the receptacle and plug sides, the new connector is easy to use and maintain with a faster set up and improved durability.

Plug & Use! Opt for cable-free solutions by integrating the LP360™ panel plug directly into your device’s housing.

Smart Clothing

The numerous electronic devices body-worn by soldiers all need to be interconnected – and all of them are currently independently powered.

Fischer Freedom Series - Tactical vest

The need that Fischer Connectors is now fulfilling with its new connectivity solution is to build an “intelligent vest” based on a shared data and power bus with wiring on the inside, one central battery for all, and connectors that work as a hub interface at strategically chosen locations. This keeps the number of cables on the outside of the vest to a minimum, and enables standardization and further miniaturization of the entire electronic ecosystem, with more functionality in smaller devices.

Shared data and power bus

Field Tested

Key Features

LP360: Wearable connectivity technology

Main features of the Fischer LP360™ connector:

  • Signal & power through 7 contacts up to 24AWG compatible with up to 3x 5A power and 4x 1A signal with USB 2.0 and Ethernet
  • No key code for easy 360° mating freedom
  • Membrane-sealed surface contacts (spring-activated individual pins in the plug corresponding to circle tracks in the receptacle), making the connector fully cleanable, on both receptacle and plug sides
  • Low profile and compact for easy and seamless integration - MOLLE compatible
  • IP68 sealed to -20m/24h
  • Blind-mate, non-magnetic ball-locking mechanism (configurable force upon request) – easy and quick to mate and unmate
  • Robust stainless steel & brass design for longevity (min.10,000 mating cycles), resistant to shock, vibration, torque and extreme temperatures
  • High-performance reliability: 100% reliable, tested in line with MIL and IEC standards
Video presentation of LP360 wearable connector

Wim Vanheertum, Product Management Director at Fischer Connectors, presents the LP360™ prototype: the invisible power and data network is built directly into clothing. Electronic devices - such as tablets, radios, etc. - can be plugged into the power and data network directly on the vest, thanks to the new wearable connectivity solution, reducing the hassle of cable management and maintenance and maximizing usability for dismounted soldiers.


Get an overview of Fischer Connectors’ electrical and optical connectivity solutions in a variety of defense & security situations, applications and requirements. Our specially designed defense & security connectors and cable assemblies are used in most soldier modernization programs, especially in C4ISTAR technologies. Their reliability, precision and resistance to demanding and harsh environments are key to make military material safe and reliable wherever soldiers operate.

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