Fischer Freedom™ Series - Awarded product

- Easy Mating
- Easy Cleaning
- Easy Integration

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Connectivity solutions and optimized cable management

Across the globe, military organizations have been working on reducing the size and weight of equipment while increasing functionality and power.

The Fischer Freedom™ Series serves as a technology platform delivering breakthrough plug & use connectivity solutions that are easy to integrate into various military applications, including radio and weapon systems, rugged computers, night-vision goggles, exoskeletons, switches, hubs, batteries and more. Designed to facilitate integration, maximize usability, and optimize cable management for defense and security, it has no key code for 360° mating freedom, a sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism, and specially designed plug pins sealed to IP68 with a membrane. It meets rigorous industry and military standards like IEC, EIA, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-810.

NEW product extensions to the Fischer LP360TM as of September 2019: 

  • Connector size 08 (4 signal & power contacts) in metal and plastic
  • Cabled receptacle and panel plug on connector size 14 (7 signal & power contacts)
  • Active devices: USB 2.0 adaptor, LED and Rugged Flash Drive
Fischer Freedom™ Series

Revolutionary low-profile connectors, cable assemblies and active devices:

  • 360° mating freedom
  • Optimized cable management
  • Sealed, blind-mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking mechanism 
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Fischer Freedom Series - Key USP

Key features

Easy mating
  • No key code
  • Blind mating
Easy cleaning
  • Membrane-sealed contacts
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
Easy integration
  • Low profile, right-angled plug
  • Wearable integration OR panel mounted
Fischer Freedom Series - Military Infography

Unlimited FREEDOM in your applications

Breakthrough plug & use technology ideal for defense applications:

  • Dismounted Soldier: Radio, batteries, rugged computers, etc.
  • Ground: Land vehicles, missile defense, ground robots, etc.
  • Aerospace: Radar, avionics, unmanned systems, etc.
  • Marine: Sonar, launchers & propulsion, sensor systems, etc.


Fischer Freedom Series - Military

Made for extreme conditions

☑ Corrosion   

☑ Vibration   

☑ Shock   

☑ High temperatures


Meets international industry & military standards


☑ EIA   

☑ MIL-STD-202   

☑ MIL-STD-810

Fischer Freedom™ Series in a nutshell

With this new video you get an overview of our new military connector, Fischer Freedom™ Series’ key features and benefits, so you can identify the best connectors for your application-specific requirements and gain insights into relevant technical specifications.

Your connectivity design free of constraints: Fischer Freedom™

Our Fischer Freedom™ Series is more than just a connector product line: it is an entire technology platform that paves the way for the new definition of freedom.

Discover in this new video what the Fischer Freedom™ technology platform enables you to do.

8 tests & proofs Fischer Freedom™ Series

At Fischer Connectors, innovations are engineered to last, hence the reliability and quality of all its connectivity solutions. Check out the video of the “tests & proofs” conducted on the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector! Learn more.

Photo of 4 awards LP360™

Innovation awards for Fischer LP360™

The Fischer Freedom™ technology platform continues to gain international peer recognition: winning four awards in one year (web news, July 18, 2019). From left to right: 2018 Innovators Award, 2018 LEAP Award, 2019 Electronics Industry Award, 2019 Electrons d'Or.

Trend Paper on Wearable Technologies

Trend Paper - Wearable Technologies

This paper gives an overview of current trends in wearable technologies, and dives deeper into emerging applications in diverse markets with a special focus on B2B applications: healthcare, industry, robotics, defense and sports. It presents exciting examples of how wearables are impacting users’ and designers’ lives – improving health and safety, convenience and performance, with connectivity playing a crucial role.

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