From connectors to connectivity: New corporate brochure

Image new corporate brochure of Fischer Connectors
Discover in Fischer Connectors’ new corporate brochure the company’s evolution as a partner in connectivity and its vision to help shape the future with its customers.

Fischer Connectors is evolving: from connectors to connectivity, from provider to partner, from products to solutions. To better reflect this evolution, we have published a new corporate brochure (in English), which ties together our six-decade history with our vision of the future. It shows the continuous evolution of our family business for over 65 years through generations of family members and employees who are passionate about turning customer challenges into success.

Photo Fischer Connectors CEO Jonathan BrossardA new brochure for a new vision

When Jonathan Brossard (photo) – a member of the founding Fischer family – became CEO in 2016, he had a vision: reimagine connectivity to push the boundaries of possibility. Since then, Fischer Connectors has grown to become a partner in connectivity to customers across the globe.

With a new customer-focused approach and a vision to help customers create solutions that shape the future, Mr. Brossard has led a shift within the company towards customer-driven innovation. To better reflect Fischer Connector’s mission to make customers’ lives easier, the company has been expanding its product portfolio and solution ecosystems, while strengthening its brand positioning and corporate culture.

(Photo: Jonathan Brossard, Fischer Connectors Group's CEO)

A customer-focused evolution

The new brochure focuses on Fischer Connectors’ family and entrepreneurial heritage, and our vision of reimagining connectivity by co-creating innovative solutions with our customers and partners. It also presents our four categories of tailored solutions to meet customers’ needs worldwide:

  • Connectors: Our five product series of connectors are ideal for applications that demand performance, space- and weight-savings, high-speed data transfer and rugged durability. 
  • Assembled cable solutions: Our complete assembled cable systems are designed and produced in ISO-certified facilities in EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific. 
  • Integrated solutions: Our range of turn-key systems easily integrate into existing devices, facilitating product development and increasing supply chain efficiency. 
  • Customized solutions: With more than six decades of experience in customer-driven innovation, we co-create customized solutions for our customers’ unique projects. 

To learn more, download our new corporate brochure (PDF in English).