Fischer Connectors celebrates its 60th anniversary

Fischer Connectors Headquarters Saint-Prex
Fischer Connectors celebrates its 60th anniversary this year.

Fischer Connectors, a worldwide leader in push-pull circular connectors, celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. The company Walter Werner Fischer founded in 1954 has become a key player in the connecting industry with over 400 employees working worldwide. To mark this milestone, Fischer Connectors opened its doors mid-June for a large number of celebration activities.

Over 300 people including several clients, politicians, distributors and most of the Fischer Connectors sales force worldwide gathered at the official reception of the 60th anniversary on Friday 13 June. ’60 years ago, my father started this company in his garage in Morges’, said Peter Fischer, son of founder Walter Werner and President of the Board of Administration of Fischer Connectors. ‘In 1962, he patented the first Fischer push-pull connectors and ten years after founding the company, the family house was too small for the 15 employees.’ As a result, the company moved to the Villa Geissmann in Morges.

Fischer Connectors didn’t stop growing. In 1975 the company moved from Morges to a bigger factory in Apples, a village located almost 10 kilometers away. The 80’s and 90’s marked the international development, with the opening of several subsidiaries and a distribution network worldwide, a strategy implemented by Peter Fischer, head of sales at that stage and nominated as General Director in 1996. Under the leadership of CEO Dominique Glauser, appointed in 2004, the company started its modernization, introducing new supply chain management methods, lean manufacturing and continuous innovation in technology, products and solutions. In 2008, Fischer Connectors moved to its current site in Saint-Prex, a state-of-the-art purpose built factory, and continued to grow. Currently, over 400 people work for Fischer Connectors in the Swiss headquarters or one of the eight subsidiaries.


The history of Fischer Connectors is a real success story of a healthy and constantly growing company. ‘We are proud to have Fischer Connectors in our Canton’, stated Philippe Leuba, Minister of Economy and Sports of the Canton of Vaud. ‘It is especially a pleasure to see that a small family business has become a big international player and creates employment in our region.’

Fischer Connectors’ employees had the opportunity to celebrate and show their workplace to their families the day after the official celebrations, with 750 guests sharing this excellent moment of conviviality.