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Our Heritage

our heritage

We’ve been reimagining connectivity since 1954.

Fischer Connectors began with an ambitious idea. 

What started with our founder Walter Werner Fischer asking “What if?” became the world’s first high-quality sealed circular connector. Since then, our people have kept the founding spirit of innovation alive, turning connectivity challenges into success for customers around the world.

Entrepreneurship, excellence and innovation are in our DNA. Over the past six decades, we’ve evolved from a provider of connectors to a global partner in connectivity. Our breakthrough technologies, tailored solutions and collaborative customer service have helped us become known worldwide as the reliable expert.

As we look ahead, we will continue to evolve alongside our customers. But while our customers drive us, our history guides us. We draw inspiration from both our pioneering roots and our customers’ needs to co-create solutions that will shape the future.

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Six decades of customer-driven Innovation

The 50s – Founding of W.W. Fischer

In 1954 Walter Werner Fischer, a vacuum technology expert from Liechtenstein, founded the company W. W. Fischer in a garage in Morges, Switzerland. As an entrepreneur, he saw a market need and developed, with his customers at heart, the very first high-quality sealed circular connector, designed for industrial applications.

The 60s – Early successes 

In 1962 the company filed an international patent for its push-pull locking system, and in 1964 developed the world’s first hermetic connector.

The 70s – Innovation drives growth

In 1970 the company produced its first stainless steel components, and in 1975, to meet growing customer demand, it opened its new manufacturing facilities in Apples, Switzerland. 

The 80s – Modern industrial processes 

With the aim of constantly improving quality, the company modernized its production processes, investing in state-of-the-art industrial technologies. It started expanding overseas, setting up a subsidiary in the United Kingdom in 1988. 

The 90s – New geographical and technological horizons 

W.W. Fischer continued to expand, opening subsidiaries in Europe (Germany, Italy and France) and in the United States. Peter Fischer, the founder’s son, took over the general management of the company in 1996, ensuring continuity and a new dynamism. Technological innovation continued with the launch of the first plastic series, and in 1993 the company obtained ISO 9001 certification.

The 2000s – The era of global connectivity

To meet the opportunities and challenges generated by global demand from customers, the company rebranded itself as Fischer Connectors

The company continued to diversify both geographically and technologically, opening a subsidiary in Hong Kong in 2000, and launching new products like the Fischer Core Series AluLite™ in 2008.
To meet increasing demand, Fischer Connectors moved to Saint-Prex in 2008, investing in a cutting-edge global headquarters and in ultra-modern manufacturing facilities.

The 2010s – Customer-focused innovation

2010: Launch of the Fischer UltiMate™ Series to meet the needs of customers looking for connectors that are reliable and robust, while also being compact and lightweight.

2011: Launch of the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive, a rugged USB stick for safe storage of sensitive data.

2012: The company set up a subsidiary in India to better serve its Asian customers, and continued to invest in its R&D capabilities. It also launched the miniaturized Fischer MiniMax™ Series and the ultra-rugged Fischer FiberOptic Series to fulfill growing market needs for density, miniaturization and high-speed data transmission.

2014: Fischer Connectors celebrated its 60th anniversary with its employees, customers and partners, marking six decades of reimagining connectivity together.

2016: Jonathan Brossard, a member of the founding Fischer family, was appointed head of the company as Group CEO.

2018: Launch of a breakthrough connectivity technology with the new Fischer Freedom™ Series (and its first connector, the Fischer LP360™). The lightweight, 360° mating technology meets the need for wearable ecosystems while making end users’ and design engineers’ lives easier by being easy to mate, clean and integrate.