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our planet

Here at Fischer Connectors, longevity and sustainability are synonymous.

As an industry leader for more than 60 years, we look long-term when it comes to the impact we have on our planet and communities. Our commitment to protecting the planet spans the entire lifecycle of our connectivity solutions, from design to disposal. 

Raw materials
Our responsibility to protect the environment starts with our supply chain.  Whenever possible, our connectors are made with readily-available— and easily-recyclable— raw materials.

We’re committed to excellence—both in our products and the way they’re manufactured. Our quality management systems ensure our products are produced in the most responsible way possible.

We know that safe elimination of waste is essential to protecting the communities in which we operate— and the planet as a whole. Our waste management systems ensure hazardous materials are disposed of safely and effectively.

As a global company, we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the planet. We continuously work to reduce our non-renewable energy consumption through initiatives like an energy-efficient cooling system and a solar powered-roof.  We’re also promoting the use of green transport through our partnership with SolarStratos.

Compliance & Certifications

ISO 14001:2015 — Environmental management systems

Our environmental management system is ISO 14001:2015 certified, meaning that we efficiently manage our waste, work to prevent contamination and make efforts to reduce our environmental impact.

RoHS — Restriction of Hazardous Substances

RoHS calls for the elimination of certain hazardous materials from electrical and electronic equipment including connectors. All connectors from Fischer Connectors are RoHS compliant.

REACH — Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals

While Fischer Connectors does not manufacture or import chemicals, our business partners have given us sufficient guarantees that the materials and products used in the manufacturing of our connectors are and will be registered according to REACH standards.

Sony Green Partner Program

Fischer Connectors is certified as a Sony Green Partner, making us one of a select group of Sony suppliers who cooperate in the production of environmentally-sensitive products.

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To download our certifications, click here.