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sensys fischer freedom

July 10, 2020

All-purpose, non-magnetic, rugged: the ideal connector for SENSYS magnetometers

For their magnetometers, the design engineers of SENSYS Magnetometers & Survey Solutions were looking for an ultra-rugged connector suitable for continuous field use – and without the limitations of a military-standard connector (MIL).

They came across the first product in the innovative Fischer Freedom™ Series with "plug-and-use" technology, the Fischer LP360™ connector. The specific requirements for magnetometers include several aspects: the connectors need to be easy to handle, but at the same time prevent misuse. They must be robust against wind and weather, easy to clean, and must not generate any magnetic fields that interfere with measurements. The Fischer LP360™ also scored highly in the test for residual magnetism. These connectors not only meet all the requirements, but also satisfy SENSYS because they are readily available, even in small quantities.  

Until they found the Fischer LP360™, SENSYS had been using military-standard connectors (MIL connectors) in its field-measuring instruments. However, despite their robust design and suitability for continuous field use, these had several limitations. For example, they use male-female plug contacts that can break easily if used incorrectly and are difficult to clean. In addition, the plugs are cabled without any additional protection against moisture, so need to be laboriously covered with a special rubber grommet. SENSYS was therefore looking for a connectivity solution up to the IP68 sealing standard that would be easier to handle and maintain, preventing the risk of misuse.

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