Fischer Connectors manufactures high performance push-pull circular connectors and cable assemblies

New MiniMax and UltiMate Power


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Custom solutions

From initial concept to prototyping, testing, manufacturing and installation, ask for a custom solution that suits your needs.

Assembly Capabilities

Engineering expertise for complete connector and cable assembly solutions. Browse through our capabilities for more information

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For specific technical questions, contact one of our engineers.

About Fischer Connectors

Fischer Connectors is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing and distributing high performance circular connectors and cable assembly solutions that work effectively under pressure in demanding environments.

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Upcoming Events

Indumation Network Event
Leuveun, Belgium
22 February to 22 February 2018
INE 2018 est la 3ème édition de ce concept de réseautage VIP en matière d’automatisation, optimisation, innovation et numérisation. Ce concept de réseautage très haut de gamme est un événement où environ 100 partenaires technologiques accueilleront en à peine un après-midi et une soirée pas moins de 1200 décideurs stratégiques pour une visite techno-innovatrice impressionnante.
STIL - Salon des technologies et de l'innovation Lausanne
Lausanne, Switzerland
01 March to 01 March 2018
The purpose of the day is to give an interesting and playful way for the visitors to discover the technologies of the different laboratories and enterprises.
Our salon is a space for dialogue and exchanges around innovation and technology, and also entrepreneurship. The STIL is opened to all public and allows to unite engineers, technologiy enthusiasts, and people simply eager to learn more on technological advances.