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Specify small, lightweight connectors, but don’t sacrifice durability and functionality. High pin density that allows you to do more. Get smaller size, less weight and more power with Fischer Connectors. Check out unique configurations that allow you to run both power and signal, reducing the number of connectors needed.

IP68 Sealing

IP68 Sealing

Not all IP68 ratings are created equal. Learn why Fischer Connectors have has some of the toughest IP68 rated connectors in the industry, tested to a minimum of 2 meters for 24 hours and up to 120 meters for 24 hours. Custom designs can give you even more.

High-speed data transmission

High-speed data transmission

Fischer Connectors’ electrical and optical solutions ensure fast, secure and reliable data transfer for a variety of data-heavy applications across multiple sectors such as industrial, defense, or energy, to only name a few.

Your connectivity design free of constraints: Fischer Freedom™

Your connectivity design free of constraints: Fischer Freedom™

Our Fischer Freedom™ Series is more than just a connector product line: it is an entire technology platform that paves the way for the new definition of freedom.
Discover in this new video what the Fischer Freedom™ technology platform enables you to do.

Endurance test - Fischer Freedom™ Series

8 tests & proofs (full video) - Fischer Freedom™ Series

The tests and proofs shown here have been conducted in our laboratory and in the field on the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector, the first product in the Fischer Freedom™ Series.

High and low temperature test - Fischer Freedom™ Series

8. High and low temperature test

Thanks to its specific design and materials, the Fischer Freedom™ Series is rugged enough to withstand extreme operating temperatures.
• -55 °C to +135 °C (connectors only)
Test results comply with the Military Standard 810 Methods 501.6 and 502.6.

Corrosion resistance test - Fischer Freedom™ Series

7. Corrosion resistance test

Thanks to its special surface finish, the Fischer Freedom™ Series withstands long-standing exposure to salt fog.
• Salt fog 1,000 hours
• 5% salt solution, 35 °C
Test results comply with the Military Standard 810 Method 509.6.

Field cleaning - Fischer Freedom™ Series

6. Field cleaning

The electrical functionality of the Fischer Freedom™ Series remains unchanged after being washed in a river, quickly dried, and mated back to a Fischer LP360™ plug with integrated LED.
- Fully cleanable plug & receptacle

IP68 degree of protection - Fischer Freedom™ Series

5. IP68 degree of protection

To demonstrate the Fischer Freedom™ Series remains perfectly functional under water; a double-end cable assembly with a battery and an LED-integrated plug is immersed in water.
- IP68 sealing performance for up to 24 hours and down to a depth of 20 meters

Immersion test - Fischer Freedom™ Series

4. Immersion test

To test the Fischer Freedom™ Series IP68 sealing performance, the connectors are immersed at 2 bars (equivalent to 20m) for 24 hours.
- IP68 sealed to 20m/24h
The immersion test can be rated IP68 and is compliant with the Military Standard 810 Method 512.6 and Procedure I.