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Communications protocol is a system of digital message formats and rules for exchanging messages in or between computing systems and in telecommunications. A protocol may have a formal description. Protocols may include signaling, authentication, and error detection and correction capabilities. The first part of this document provides an overview of the most relevant parameters that determine whether a connector and/or a cable assembly can withstand a defined data protocol. The second part shows the performances of the Fischer MiniMax™ Series and the Fischer UltiMate™ Series cabled connectors according to Ethernet, USB and HDMI protocols.

This paper discusses the performances of a fischer fiberoptic series connector when tested at 1.9 kelvin. The test was performed at cern’s cryogenic facility (sm18) under the eucard-2 transnational access program. It was co-funded by the partners and the ec-capacities-fp7 under grant agreement 312453.

This white paper presents technical guidelines that drive connector development for harsh and corrosive environments. It explains the main factors driving corrosion and how to make the best interconnection choices for a long-lasting and reliable solution in corrosive conditions.

Military organizations throughout the world are working hard to lighten the load that soldiers carry into battle, and are looking at connector and cabling solutions as one place to make improvements. Selecting the wrong connector can be life-threatening. In this paper, Fischer Connectors’ Wim Vanheertum takes a close look at the miniaturization of military connectors, and addresses issues of size, weight and functionality.

The White Paper provides an overview of the technical basics behind sensing over fiber technologies, its main applications and the cabling solutions involved. The main purpose is to discuss the key factors that will help you define the best solution for your cabling needs, in order to have the most reliable and easy-to-maintain system that reduces your maintenance operations.

This white paper is intended to give our customers best practices in the treatment of contaminated parts and provides guidelines and resources on what level of decontamination can be achieved using a defined decontamination protocol. The first part of this document provides an overview of the most relevant parameters that will define if a connector or/and a cable assembly can withstand a defi ned decontamination protocol. The second part presents the performances (decontamination levels) that Fischer Core Series Stainless Steel achieved using a recommended decontamination protocols.

The Internet of Things has been getting more than its share of publicity in the consumer world lately. The concept of devices making their own decisions based on free flowing data from other devices has been fully embraced by engineers developing instrumentation and industrial applications. This trend, coupled with the move toward smaller and smarter devices, challenges design engineers to examine how leveraging the newest interconnect technology helps them build smaller and smarter instrumentation devices.

Connettori robusti sono necessari in tutte le applicazioni che ne presuppongono l’utilizzo in condizioni estreme. Questo documento prende in esame le dieci domande più frequenti riguardanti le soluzioni di connessione. Tratta argomenti quali la tenuta stagna, la sterilizzazione, le soluzioni di cablaggio e ogni altra caratteristica dei connettori robusti, aiutando l’ingegnere nella scelta del connettore più adatto al dispositivo da realizzare. 

L’impiego delle infrastrutture in fibra ottica è andato via via diffondendosi in diversi ambiti applicativi e di mercato. In abbinamento a tali infrastrutture esistono molteplici tipologie di soluzioni di interconnessione in fibra. La pulizia e l’affidabilità dei connettori ottici concorrono in maniera determinante alla realizzazione di infrastrutture in fibra sicure e altamente performanti. Questo documento evidenzia l’importanza della pulizia e della manutenzione dei connettori ottici per mantenere prestazioni ottiche e affidabilità ottimali. Tratta anche dei recenti sviluppi riguardanti i connettori robusti in fibra ottica, volti a semplificare le operazioni di ispezione e di pulizia in campo.

I connettori per applicazioni broadcast possono collegare molto di più di una telecamera ad un dispositivo di trasmissione del segnale per uno show televisivo. Questo articolo fornisce una panoramica delle varie esigenze di connettività nel mercato audio-video e di ogni altra applicazione strettamente correlata alla trasmissione di programmi televisivi e alle produzioni cinematografiche dove connettori affidabili e ad elevate prestazioni giocano un ruolo chiave.