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American Magic

Twiice Partnership

Creating connectivity solutions for smooth sailing under the most extreme conditions

The engineers at Fischer Connectors have always had a bit of a competitive spirit, no matter whom the customer or end user turns out to be. In the case of the American Magic, we are putting our competitive spirt to use for a team that competes at the top of their game in one of the most highly-engineered sports on the planet; the American Magic, a challenger for the 36th America’s Cup. 

The Partnership

American Magic partnership with Fischer Connectors The America’s Cup is the oldest event in international sports, and the highest prize in sailing. Fischer Connectors is proud to be an official supplier and the exclusive connectivity sponsor for connectors and connectivity solutions for the American Magic, based at the New York Yacht Club in Providence, Rhode Island, USA. The American Magic team will compete in a series of races around the globe starting in 2020, and ending in New Zealand in March of 2021.

The American Magic, like all yachts in this prestigious event, is a 75 foot high-performance monohull. Many of the design elements of the yacht itself are standard. This leads teams to look for and create innovative approaches to control and connectivity solutions required for racing.

The Project

American Magic- Partnership with Fischer Connectors

If you’ve never seen an America’s Cup yacht – and most of us haven’t – you might be amazed at the electronics that are on board and on shore.  Computers, sensors and communications devices help teams achieve top speeds while flying through the air just above the water’s surface. Accuracy is calculated down to the nth degree, and communications devices give real time updates to the teams on the yacht and on shore.

The America’s Cup races are very competitive, and therefore, very secretive.  The yachts have specific dimensions and even standard parts. The electronics can be the place where a competitive edge is gained. Engineers look for light devices and secure connectivity for both signal and power. We don’t want the other teams to know what’s going on for specific applications and solutions because of the confidential nature of the designs. What we can tell you is that our Fischer FiberOptic Series solutions and our Fisher MiniMax™ Series solutions will be racing through the air and waters on the American Magic yachts.  We will also be showcasing our Fischer Freedom™ Series connectivity solutions in conjunction with the team.

Fischer FiberOptic Series - Easy use, cleaning and maintenance even in harsh environments make Fischer FiberOptic Series ideal connectors for demanding applications, like America’s cup racing.

Fischer MiniMax™ Series - High density, signal & power in one miniature connector, the Fischer MiniMax™ Series increases the performance of your miniature rugged devices, handling more mixed signal and power connections in a smaller footprint.

Fischer Freedom™ Series - Breakthrough connectivity technology maximizing efficiency, usability and performance while facilitating integration and optimizing cable management. The Fischer Freedom™ Series offers easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration into fixed or wearable devices for any market.

Fischer Connectors’ solutions were chosen because of their rugged design that can hold up under extreme conditions, such as salt spray in a high-vibration environment.  

The Impact

Terry Hutchinson, Skipper and Executive Director of the American Magic says, “The technical solutions and systems we are creating to win the America’s Cup are built in-house by American Magic’s engineering team, and Fischer Connectors is instrumental in many areas. Through quality, reliability and innovation, Fischer Connectors makes our lives easier and our boats faster.”


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