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About us

TEDER ELECTRO MECHANICAL Ltd. was established in 1989.

The company activity covers a diversified range of electronic manufacturers, telecommunication, medical and military aerospace oriented companies.

Our goal is to assist the customers in finding the best, most reliable and cost-effective solutions to their changing needs.

We, at TEDER, understand that the best quality products should be accompanied with a full technical support and high level service which we provide on each step of the way.


TEDER- Electro Mechanical Engineering Ltd
14, Atir Yeda st.
P.O. Box 6004
4464323 Kfar-Saba
Tel: +972 73 233 1200
Fax: +972 73 233 1233



A wide range of certified connector products, cable assemblies and active solutions for applications requiring faultless precision and reliability.

Product Lines

Our rugged connectors and cable assembly solutions are used across industries in applications requiring faultless precision, agility and durability. Our range of products includes over 30,000 standard electrical and optical references organized across five product lines. We also offer a wide range of cable assemblies, active solutions and customized solutions to solve any connectivity challenge.

Fischer Freedom™ Series

Breakthrough low-profile plug & use connector

  • 360° mating freedom
  • Optimized cable management
  • Blind mate and non-magnetic quick-release locking
  • IP68 sealed to 20m/24h

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Fischer MiniMax™ Series

High density, signal & power, miniaturization

  • IP68 mated & unmated
  • 5,000 mating cycles
  • Up to 24 signal and power contacts in just Ø12 mm
  • Data transfer up to 10 Gb/s
  • Three locking systems: push-pull, screw and quick-release
  • Replaces multiple connectors with only one

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Fischer UltiMate™ Series

Rugged, compact, lightweight

  • IP68 sealing to 120 m / IP69 / Hermetic
  • 360° EMC shielding
  • High corrosion resistance
  • 10,000 mating cycles

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Cable Assembly Solutions

Complete solutions, engineering support and rapid delivery

  • Vertically integrated: from connectors to full turn-key systems
  • Expertise in design, manufacturing and testing
  • Fast prototyping and quick production turnarounds
  • Unparalleled quality & performance
  • High-speed data transmission

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Made for extreme conditions

☑ Corrosion   

☑ Vibration   

☑ Shock   

☑ High temperatures


International industry & military standards


☑ EIA   

☑ MIL-STD-202   

☑ MIL-STD-810


DISMOUNTED SOLDIER: Next-generation integrated connectivity for maximum wearability, modularity and performance

GROUND: Ultra-rugged connectivity solutions designed to withstand the hazards of ground deployment

AEROSPACE: Lightweight connectivity solutions adapted to the complex requirements of aerospace

MARINE: Customizable and fully sealed connectivity solutions for safety and performance at any depth

EXTREME connectors and cable assembly solutions
  • Designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions
  • Lightweight, compact size to minimize equipment size and weight
  • Waterproof sealing up to IP68/69
  • Excellent 360° EMC shielding
  • High shock and vibration resistance

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Trusted in the field: Piletest

“We chose the Freedom connectivity solution because we had to replace our existing connector which broke under heavy outdoor use by technicians. The 90-degree low profile and ergonomy of the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector, as well as its plug & use technology and durability, perfectly match the requirements of our equipment which we use in harsh environments such as mud, rain, freezing tundras and deserts.” Gadi Lahat, VP Business Development, Piletest

*The Pile Echo Tester (PET) from our customer Piletest is an instrument used to test the integrity of pile foundations. It features the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector. More info on Piletest’s success story.

IoT and wearable connectivity

Our range of interconnect solutions for IoT & wearable technologies:

  • Small, lightweight, high density
  • Multifunction, combining signal & power 
  • Reliable & efficient
  • Highly performant in any environment
  • Easy to integrate, use and clean
  • Fast, secure data transfer over long distances
  • Fully customizable

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Technical resources

Explore our collection of technical resources to help you find the right connectivity solution for your needs. From technical specifications of our products and cable assembly instructions to insight into key trends, browse our resource library.

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