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Establecido en Marzo 2020

Our sales team in Switzerland and beyond

Much more than sales people

December 9, 2021
Like their colleagues around the world, the sales team we are presenting here live our company’s values of excellence, innovation, entrepreneurial spirit and collaboration. Their activities cover Switzerland and over 20 other countries where there’s no Fischer Connectors subsidiary, including Israel where one member of this small and dynamic team is located.
A game changer

“Design-driven innovation”: focused on making sense of things

November 5, 2021
#designengineering #innovation
Roberto Verganti wrote an essential book on innovation several years ago. A book on design-driven innovation. And it's still a game changer today.
Using the finite element method (FEM)

Simulating heat transfer in power cables using the finite element method (FEM)

October 21, 2021
#cableassemblies #simulation #designengineering #reliability #durability
Choosing the right cable to use in any application depends on many parameters. One of the most important is its ability to thermally resist a maximum imposed current. To avoid over-dimensioning – which leads to higher costs, bigger space requirements and lower efficiency – finite element simulation is a good option. This is particularly true when dealing with heating problems caused by electrical resistance.
A new revolution in military affairs

Trend Paper: ‘The connectivity challenge – a new revolution in military affairs’

October 11, 2021
#defense #innovation #designengineering #sensors #5Gnetworks #AI
Land forces face a new revolution in military affairs based on three digital technologies: ubiquitous sensors, 5G networks and artificial intelligence. Soldier connectivity is a key enabler to tackle this revolution. High-speed, high volume data transmission, improved power management and wearability are essential for commanders to exploit new sensors, networks and AI applications.
Career forum

Forum EPFL: inspire and be inspired by our people

October 8, 2021
Do you want to have a real impact on the company you are working for? Are you looking for exciting challenges? Does our ambitious vision geared towards a new kind of connectivity for our hyperconnected world inspire you? Meet our people at the Forum EPFL.
Brought to you by experienced innov8rs

A must-read for entre/intrapreneurs: “In the Arena”, co-authored by Jean-Marie Buchilly

September 30, 2021
#innovation #entrepreneurship
Experienced innovators and real thought leaders are driven by a passion which is actionable beyond the corporate world’s borders. Meet Jean-Marie Buchilly, Fischer Connectors’ Innovation Cell Manager, who will present online, along with three other co-authors, a practical guide for startups, corporate innovators and all those who want to make change happen. Go to on Oct. 5, 16:00 CEST.
Connectivity in industry

Connectivity in industry: from requirement fulfiller to design enabler

August 19, 2021
#industrial #instrumentation #testandmeasurement #robotics #wearables #miniaturization #versatility #ruggedconnectors #cableassemblies #FischerMiniMax #FischerFreedom
Efficient industrial operations rely on high-quality connection technology. Demand is growing for connectors featuring modularity and multifunctional integration capability, especially for industrial wearables. New solutions are called for to meet users’ needs in terms of safety, robustness, miniaturization and functionality, ensuring stable connections and fast, reliable data transmission.
Rugged connectivity solutions for UAVs

Harsh-environment connectivity solutions for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

July 29, 2021
#UAV #ruggedconnectors #harshenvironment #miniaturization #datatransmission #durability #IP68sealing #FischerUltiMate #FischerMiniMax
The drone market is evolving rapidly and becoming more and more demanding in terms of high-performance and rugged connectors and cable assemblies able to resist the harsh-environment conditions UAVs operate in. More in our new flyer.
Cadena de suministro resiliente

Nuestra cadena de suministro es robusta y nos permite responder al creciente volumen de pedidos

9 de julio de 2021
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain #logistics #businesscontinuity
Nuestra cadena de suministro para la fabricación de nuestros conectores y soluciones de ensamblaje de cables ha demostrado su resiliencia durante la crisis. Pese a algunas diferencias regionales, nuestro servicio de entrega internacional sigue sirviendo los pedidos de los clientes, que van en aumento gracias a la recuperación económica mundial.
Soldier modernization

Better connections for better decisions

June 30, 2021
#defense #ruggedconnectors #FischerUltiMate #FischerMiniMax #FischerFreedom #wearin
Fischer Connectors’ defense connectivity solutions offer new capabilities and innovative, economical approaches to help soldiers and commanders at every level make better decisions faster – when observing, orienting, deciding and acting (OODA) in unforgiving operational environments.
High-precision instrumentation

Selecting connectivity solutions for high-precision test and measurement applications – 3 cases

June 15, 2021
#instrumentation #testandmeasurement #designengineering #FischerMiniMax #FischerFiberOptic #FischerFreedom
In this article published by Connector Supplier, Fischer Connectors shows with three cases how defining the right connectivity requirements, constraints, and opportunities upstream in the design process of demanding test and measurement applications helped overcome major roadblocks.
New White Paper

White Paper ‘Cable Assembly Solutions’ for informed design decision-making

June 10, 2021
#cableassemblies #ruggedconnectors #designengineering
Knowing which information you need upfront, at the start of the design process, will set you on the right path to designing a cable assembly successfully. This White Paper explains the benefits of cable assembly solutions and what engineers need to consider when working on their interconnect solution.
Wearable IIoT ecosystems

Improving situational awareness, safety and productivity through connected wearable IIoT ecosystems

June 8, 2021
#wearin #wearables #sensors #IoT #industrial
In the IoT Magazine 2021 Edition from Electronics Update, Wearin’s Technical Director Alvaro Goncalves provides an insight into how connected wearable ecosystems and digital twins are helping make hazardous work environments safer and more productive across all industries.
IEEE’s highest professional grade

Mohammad Azadifar joins the elite rank of IEEE Senior Members

May 20, 2021
#technology #innovation #engineering #electronics #inspiration
Fischer Connectors’ Signal Integrity Engineer Mohammad Azadifar has been elevated to the highest professional grade of IEEE: Senior Member. Congratulations for this international recognition!
For high-reliability, rugged, durable SPE solutions

Fischer Connectors joins the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance to advance the development of the SPE technology across further demanding application fields

May 12, 2021
#SPE #dataspeed #datatransmission #cableassemblies #reliability #ruggedconnectors #harshenvironment #industrial #defense #UAV
Fischer Connectors brings its leading expertise in high-reliability, rugged and sealed connectivity solutions to the Single Pair Ethernet System Alliance. One of the objectives is to exchange cross-application know-how and create targeted synergies for the cross-industrial development of the SPE technology.
High-reliability, harsh-environment connectivity

7 FAQs about designing devices and ecosystems for reliability and durability in extreme environments

April 1, 2021
#ruggedconnectors #cableassemblies #harshenvironment #reliability #durability #extremetemperature #IP68sealing #IP69 #hermeticity #defense #energy #marine #extremesports
In today’s hyperconnected world, reliable connectivity is crucial to ensuring that devices and electronics ecosystems work properly in all conditions. This article published by Connector Supplier provides critical insights into when to use and how to select truly reliable and rugged connectivity solutions and explores design best practices through seven FAQs and three harsh environment application examples.
Ideal for rugged industrial & defense applications

Single Pair Ethernet: smaller, lighter, more affordable Ethernet up to 1 Gbit/s

March 15, 2021
#dataspeed #datatransmission #cableassemblies #reliability #ruggedconnectors #harshenvironment #industrial #defense #UAV
The Single Pair Ethernet is a smaller, lighter, and more affordable version of the Ethernet using one pair of twisted copper wires to transmit data at speeds of up to 1 Gbit/s with or without Power over Data Line (PoDL). Now combined with Fischer Connectors’ high-reliability, high-performance, sealed connectors.
Transmisión de datos confiable, resistencia a la vibración, ahorro de espacio

Transmisión de datos perfecta incluso con vibraciones

4 de marzo de 2021
#datatransmission #sensors #highdensity #miniaturization #ruggedconnectors #IP68sealing #waterproof #harshenvironment #durability #FischerMiniMax
Para garantizar que las máquinas y los sistemas funcionan de forma segura y precisa, siempre hay que controlar las fuerzas y los pares. Una metodología probada para obtener resultados fiables son las galgas extensométricas. Sin embargo, como los sensores son muy pequeños, también hay que minimizar la tecnología de conexión adecuadamente. Y la transmisión de datos debe permanecer estable incluso con vibraciones.
Vote for him on line!

Martin Wimmers: Nominated for Germany’s "Manager of the Year" for the second time in a row

February 25, 2021
Vote for him on line! Martin Wimmers has been managing Fischer Connectors’ fortunes in Germany for over 17 years now. This passionate solution finder is a true team player and that’s why he’s been nominated for the "Manager of the Year" (“Manager des Jahres”) award twice in a row, in 2020 and 2021, by the German trade magazine "Markt&Technik". The voting system runs on line until March 31, 2021.
CAD models

Fischer Connectors and TraceParts support engineers and designers with their connectivity needs throughout the product lifecycle

February 12, 2021
#connectivitybydesign #reliability #innovation
TraceParts’ media release: From brainstorming and pre-design studies through to deployment, customer needs are firmly at the top of the Fischer Connectors priority list.
Data speed with maximum reliability

Maximize the speed and reliability of your data

February 5, 2021
#dataspeed #datatransmission #cableassemblies #reliability #ruggedconnectors #harshenvironment #customizedsolutions
With the stunning growth of connected devices worldwide, there’s increasing demand for greater capacity to send and receive information and for high-speed data transmission even in extreme environments.
10 Gbps, IP68, durabilidad

Próxima parada: mantenimiento preventivo

28 de enero 2021
#datatransmission #dataspeed #railway #IP68sealing #waterproof #harshenvironment #ruggedconnectors #durability #FischerFiberOptic
Con el fin de poder realizar una inspección óptica automatizada de las zapatas de freno, los Ferrocarriles Estatales Daneses han instalado sistemas de escaneo de alto rendimiento fabricados por la empresa ITTH GmbH & Co. KG en el lecho de las vías de las estaciones de Odense y Kolding. Las imágenes se transmiten a un sistema informático con la ayuda de conectores híbridos de la Fischer FiberOptic Series.
For any application

High-performance cable assembly solutions for any application

January 22, 2021
#cableassemblies #harshenvironment #medical #defense #industrial #instrumentation #nuclear #oilandgas #energy #customizedsolutions
Fischer Connectors' skilled technical and support teams help you build the perfect cable assembly for your unique application, providing advice through design, prototype, assembly, testing, manufacturing, installation, and beyond.
Lessons learned – by Stuart Doe

Rugged connectivity: lessons I’ve learned from high-end racing

December 16, 2020
#extremesports #sensors #IoT #wearables #innovation #ruggedconnectors #datatransmission #reliability #FischerFiberOptic
On the eve of the 36th America’s Cup World Series race in Auckland, New Zealand, Stuart Doe, Head of Active Solutions, explores the vital role of reliability in sensors and connector solutions for ocean racing. He analyzes how sensors create real-time data for split-second decision making, connected technology and the Internet of (Boating) Things, and the interdependency of innovative technology and connected teams.
Women in engineering

Women in Engineering: special issue of ‘Design World’ features Aemah Badri

December 14, 2020
#womeninengineering #inspiration #diverseculture #inclusiveculture
“Fischer Connectors is not a company where you feel left out just because of your gender,” says Aemah Badri, Manufacturing Manager at Fischer Connectors US, in an interview with Design World. “Different perspectives on the problem are much appreciated, and moreover they are being heard and implemented if they serve the purpose.”
… enables innovation

Connectivity by design enables versatile innovations

December 10, 2020
#connectivitybydesign #innovation #industrial #defense #marine #medical #sensing #FischerFreedom
In ConnectorSupplier’s ‘2020 Interconnect Innovations eBook’, Hassan Fadli from Fischer Connectors shares in-depth engineering insights on the connectivity-by-design approach – an innovation enabler when it comes to co-create connectivity solutions that meet new needs for integration capability, usability and versatility. Four application cases illustrate this.
Sellado y hermeticidad

Conectores estancos y herméticos para sus aplicaciones de prueba y medida

3 de diciembre 2020
#harshenvironment #sealing #hermeticity #ruggedconnectors #cableassemblies #customizedsolutions
¿Necesita conectores circulares ligeros y de alta densidad adaptados a exigentes condiciones ambientales? De -55 °C a +150 °C, probados en niebla salina durante más de 1000 h, sumergibles hasta 120 m ¡y mucho más!
2nd wave

Cautious optimism as our supply chain holds up well

November 17, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Our COVID-19 Task Force now has a better understanding of the coronavirus and how best to protect people and our business during this second wave. Our operations and supply chain remain robust, and we’re cautiously optimistic for our shared business success.
Ahorro de espacio, robustez, fiabilidad, durabilidad

Conectividad robusta para botas inteligentes

5 de noviembre de 2020
#wearables #IoT #usability #ruggedconnectors #reliability #durability #FischerFreedom
Las botas de VRaktion incorporan sensores láser en la punta y el talón que envían por Bluetooth una advertencia al smartphone o smartwatch del usuario si este se acerca a un obstáculo. La tecnología del calzado utiliza una batería de alto rendimiento. Se usan conectores de la gama Fischer Freedom™ Series para recargarla.
Getting it right in any environment

Extreme temperatures: getting connectivity right in any environment

November 3, 2020
#extremetemperature #harshenvironment #reliability #FischerCore #FischerUltiMate #FischerFiberOptic #customizedsolutions
How can you choose the right connectors to operate reliably in extreme cold or extreme heat? Fischer Connectors’ standard and customized connectivity solutions are specially designed to withstand extreme temperatures, so won’t let your equipment down.
… for something new to emerge

Expanding our skills for something new to emerge

October 23, 2020
#ReimagineConnectivity #innovation #careers
We at Fischer Connectors learn a lot from the students we hire for an internship or a Master project. They can have a real impact on our business. And every time there is an opportunity, the collaboration goes well beyond the duration of the project they have been hired for.

Engineers at R&D: meet Marine Bouduban and Romain Paridant de Cauwere

October 23, 2020
#ReimagineConnectivity #innovation #careers
Are you looking for ambitious challenges? Do you want to have an impact on the company you are working for? At Fischer Connectors we believe that we can learn from the talented people we hire. Get inspired by two young engineers working in our R&D Center: Marine Bouduban and Romain Paridant de Cauwere.
Sealed receptacles when unmated

No cap? No problem. Our receptacles are sealed when unmated.

October 16, 2020
#IP68 #sealing #waterproof #harshenvironment #marine
While it's advisable to cap your connectors when not in use, our IP68 and hermetic receptacles are sealed against water entering your device from the front – should you happen to forget caps.
On the move

Unity in diversity

October 7, 2020
#robotics #UAV #UUV #medicaltechnology #durability #versatility #miniaturization #SWaP #IP68sealing #customizedsolutions #FischerCore #FischerFreedom #FischerFiberOptic
In the ‘International Design Engineer’ magazine, Fischer Connectors’ CTO shares his insights on the growing demands on connectivity solutions for robotic applications – which are extremely diverse. The goal is to make components and applications as durable, resilient and robust as possible, whether the robot is permanently installed in a production hall or moves around autonomously outdoors, in the air or underwater.
Maximize reliability, reduce risk

Extreme sealing for maximum reliability & minimum risk

September 24, 2020
#IP68sealing #IP69 #reliability #FischerCore #FischerMiniMax #FischerUltiMate #FischerFiberOptic #FischerFreedom #FischerRuggedFlashDrive #cableassembly
When designing your equipment, choosing the right connectivity solutions with the right type of sealing early in the process is critical for the commercial success and durability of your product. So make informed decisions during your connectivity design project: guaranteeing extreme sealing allows you to maximize reliability and reduce risks.
Work-life purpose

About “purpose”: Alain Lafourcade’s personal story in the ICU

September 17, 2020
#medicaltechnology #reliability
“That day, I clearly realized what ‘purpose’ meant to me”, wrote Alain Lafourcade, President of Fischer Connectors North & South America, in the personal story he recently shared with his LinkedIn community. Three years ago, he was brought to the ICU room’s bedside of a close relative whose life was being maintained by Getinge’s Cardiohelp heart-lung support system.
Get smaller size, less weight and more power

Smaller & smarter: reduce size & weight, increase functionality

September 15, 2020
#miniaturization #durability #functionality #SWaP #cablemanagement #innovation #FischerMiniMax #FischerUltiMate #FischerFiberOptic #FischerFreedom
The need for lighter and smaller devices, which still guarantee optimal performance and reliability, keeps pushing innovation forward in connectivity solutions. Our newly launched products push innovation in miniaturization to the next level of SWaP (Size, Weight & Power), cable management and data transmission.
Manipulación y limpieza fáciles, durabilidad, ahorro de espacio

La confiabilidad es esencial en las emergencias

3 de septiembre de 2020
#medicaltechnology #reliability #usability #versatility #FischerCore
En muchas operaciones de rescate, cada segundo cuenta cuando se trata de salvar la vida de un paciente. Para garantizar que el sistema de soporte cardiopulmonar móvil de Getinge, Cardiohelp, se pueda activar de forma rápida y fácil, la tecnología tiene que ser fiable y sencilla. Además, los componentes deben ser fáciles de limpiar y lo suficientemente robustos para impedir que los agresivos agentes de limpieza médicos los dañen.
Quality #1: Perseverance

A true story about perseverance

August 26, 2020
#SolarStratos #exploration #perseverance #innovation #ReimagineConnectivity
SolarStratos’s recent successes – including the two world premieres on August 25, 2020 – are the result of the project team’s perseverance. This is the number one quality of true explorers, who combine the ability to assess and take risks with a strong tolerance for failure.
France-Switzerland collaboration

Guy Lacroix’s video tour of world headquarters – also featuring Edwige Avignon

August 20, 2020
#managingdirector #projectmanagement #engineering
When his country’s borders reopened in June after its three-month lockdown, Fischer Connectors France’s Managing Director Guy Lacroix visited the Group’s world headquarters located in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, with a video crew. Take a video tour of the Fischer Connectors Group’s main production unit and R&D center, and also meet Project Manager R&D Edwige Avignon working on a client project.
Custom cable assemblies, USA

Sopha Suth: A decade of engineering, happily delivering innovative assemblies

August 14, 2020
#engineering #cableassembly #collaboration
“The small group setting, the team I work with, they are the best group I’ve been a part of, if you ask me.” That’s the way Sr. Engineer Sopha Suth describes his colleagues at Fischer Connectors near Atlanta, GA, USA. He says the team-oriented environment helps keep the focus on delivering custom cable assemblies to customers.
Global set of standards

Sterilization matters

August 5, 2020
#sterilization #medical #FischerCore
A “sterile” hospital environment is taken for granted, but the processes and policies behind how all hospital items are sterilized is the result of a specific global set of standards.
Our Freedom is your freedom

Innovation needs freedom!

July 30, 2020
#innovation #ReimagineConnectivity #FischerFreedom
When we say that our vision is to “reimagine connectivity, together”, our actions match our words. That’s why we’ve imagined and launched the Fischer Freedom™ Series, which serves as a technology platform and innovation enabler for design engineers and integrators.
The need for data speed

Three things to consider when you have a need for data speed

July 23, 2020
#datatransmission #dataspeed #industry4.0 #wearables #defense #medical #FischerMiniMax #FischerUltiMate #FischerFreedom #FischerFiberOptic
In ConnectorSupplier’s ‘2020 Data Connectivity eBook’, Hassan Fadli from Fischer Connectors shares his perspectives on engineers’ need for data speed. Wired connections still transport more data faster than wireless, so the hunt for faster data transmission without interference continues to drive innovation in connectors, traditional copper cabling, and fiber optics.
Data reliability and data speed

Ruggedized connectors: data transmission lifelines in a wireless world

July 17, 2020
#rugged #harshenvironment #reliability #sealing #dataspeed #datatransmission #IoT #wearables
As his company prepares to manage the next generation of data, David Ptacek, Director of Sales for Fischer Connectors in the Americas, says data reliability and data speed are the two most important qualities his customers look for in the vital world of ruggedized connectors. An interview with the expert.
De uso general y ultrarresistente

De uso general, no magnético y robusto: ideal para los magnetómetros SENSYS

10 de julio de 2020
#rugged #IP68 #nonmagnetic #matingcycles #usability #reliability #FischerFreedom #FischerLP360
Para sus magnetómetros, los ingenieros de diseño de SENSYS buscaban un conector ultrarresistente idóneo para el uso continuo sobre el terreno y sin las limitaciones de los conectores para uso militar (MIL). El Fischer LP360™ de “conectar y usar” satisfacía todos sus requisitos: fácil de manipular, imposible de usar erróneamente, robusto frente al viento y las inclemencias del tiempo, fácil de limpiar y no magnético.
Multi-tasking connectivity

Hybrid connectors: Smaller, smarter devices means smaller, smarter connectivity solutions

July 6, 2020
#hybridconnectors #miniaturization #dataspeed #fiberoptic
Do you want your connectors to take up less space and handle a broader range of functions? The most common hybrid combination being sought out by the engineering community is power and signal, and whether it’s all copper or a copper/fiber hybrid solution depends specifically on how much data needs to get through the cable. A few tips from the expert.
Thanks to our suppliers

Maintaining our valued customer service thanks to our suppliers

July 2, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain
Our heartfelt thanks go to our suppliers for standing by us throughout this time of crisis.
High sealing level

IP68 sealing for waterproof connectors

June 30, 2020
#IP68 #sealing #waterproof #harshenvironment #marine
When you need a waterproof connector, the choice may not be as straightforward as just choosing an IP68-sealed solution. IP68 ratings can differ – for some, IP68 rated can mean as little as 1 meter for 15 minutes. Fischer Connectors’ solutions offer much higher IP68 sealing levels. And this is a decision-making factor for our customers designing harsh-environment connectivity.
Additive manufacturing – agile & reliable

Fast prototyping with 3D printing: your key step in the de-risking process

June 24, 2020
#AdditiveManufacturing #3Dprinting #prototyping #innovation
Additive manufacturing (very often called “3D printing”) is a key step in the design engineering process, as it enables us to transfer ideas from an abstract world to the physical world in just a few hours. In the same vein, additive manufacturing is a powerful lever when the challenge is to be the first to deliver a Proof of Concept (PoC).
FiberOptic a 300 m de profundidad

Un UUV lleva los Fischer FiberOptic con sellado IP68 a 300 m de profundidad

18 de junio de 2020
#UUV #ROV #FischerFiberOptic #rugged #IP68 #waterproof #datatransmission #matingcycles
El conector de un canal óptico Fischer FiberOptic FO1 cuenta actualmente con sellado IP68 para 2 m/24 h. Eso es lo que pone en la documentación. No obstante, después de inspeccionarlo, el equipo de Strategic Robotic Systems (SRS) creía que podía dar más de sí para su revolucionario vehículo submarino no tripulado (UUV) FUSION, que funciona a 300 m bajo la superficie. Y estaban en lo cierto.
Mating cycle rating

10,000 mating cycles: creating the perfect connection… every time

June 10, 2020
#matingcycles #rugged #durability #reliability
The mating cycle rating is a key characteristic to consider for rugged connectors. Failing to select a mating cycle rating sufficient for your application could result in a product that is unreliable, short-lived and more costly in the long run… Discover how Fischer Connectors can help extend the potential life span of your devices.
Protection plan

Safety at work during pandemic times

May 26, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #safetyatwork
Since the beginning of the health crisis, Fischer Connectors has been implementing an elaborate protection plan to guarantee the safety of our staff in their workplace. New rules apply in terms of hygiene, behavior and social distancing. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our global headquarters’ manufacturing site in Switzerland.
Even with gloves

Blind-mating connectors: the benefits

May 13, 2020
#usability #blindmating #pushpull #keycode #FischerUltiMate #FischerFreedom
Can you easily mate your connector even if you can’t see it? Don’t let lack of visibility slow you down. Fischer Connectors’ push-pull locking system is designed to reduce the time it takes to mate and unmate your devices. Take the Fischer UltiMate™ and Fischer Freedom™ Series, for example.
Sterilization processes

Sterilization & connectivity: product focus on Fischer Core Series Plastic

May 5, 2020
#FischerCorePlastic #sterilization #reusable #autoclave #medical #industrial #foodprocessing #pharmaceutical #reliability #EMI/RFI
The connectors of the Fischer Core Plastic Series are compatible with autoclave, Cidex, EtO, gamma radiation, Steris, and Sterrad sterilization processes, and have been integrated into FDA-approved medical devices. These easy-to-use, lightweight and durable connectors are also ideal for industrial, instrumentation, and food and pharmaceutical processing applications.
Creamos valores duraderos de forma colaborativa

Resumen del objetivo en 3 pasos para las innovaciones de la nueva década

28 de abril de 2020
#innovation #ReimagineConnectivity #vision #mission #value
Ahora que estamos a punto de lanzar importantes desarrollos de productos concebidos por nuestros equipos de I+D en colaboración con nuestros clientes, queremos presentar nuestro “manifiesto de innovación” en forma de un breve resumen en tres pasos. El objetivo es simple: reimaginar (imaginar de nuevo) la conectividad para la nueva década.

Conectores herméticos de alto voltaje para el sistema de esterilización de SteriLux

23 de abril de 2020
#medical #sterilization #hermetic #highvoltage
El innovador esterilizador SterOx System de SteriLux utiliza conectores Fischer Core Series por su hermeticidad e idoneidad para aplicaciones de 240 V.
Size, weight and power (SWaP)

“Everyone in robotics is still focused on SWaP”

April 21, 2020
#SWaP #robotics #innovation #military #defense #medical #industrial #drones #FischerFreedom #FischerMiniMax
David Ptacek in ConnectorSupplier: “The priorities come from the military robotics projects, but are also important in medical and industrial robots. While smaller in both size and weight, each connectivity solution has to do more: carry more power and more and faster data.”
Aplicaciones médicas

Cuando está en juego una vida, es esencial disponer de una conectividad fiable

21 de abril de 2020
#medical #ISO13485 #sterilization #decontamination #reliability #EMI/RFI #silicon #reusable #disposable
Ahora más que nunca, una conectividad fiable es crítica para aplicaciones de intervención y cirugía, para tecnologías de diagnóstico e imagen, y para monitorización y tratamiento.
Harsh environments

8 steps for properly specifying rugged connectors

April 16, 2020
#rugged #harshenvironment #sterilization #datatransmission #reliability #IP68/69sealing #hermetic #miniaturization #FischerMiniMax #FischerFreedom #FischerCore
Read this insightful article by David Cianciolo, Director of Engineering at Fischer Connectors U.S., published in ConnectorSupplier’s ‘March 2020 Harsh-Environment Connectivity eBook’: “Designing Harsh-Environment Connectivity: Eight Steps for Properly Specifying Rugged Connectors and Questions to ask During the Process”.
Proveedor clave

Suministro de componentes esenciales para dispositivos de misión critica

15 de abril de 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain #medical
Gracias por confirmar la importancia y la necesidad de nuestras soluciones de conectividad para sus dispositivos.



Knowledge transfer

Military to medical: an effective technology transfer

March 31, 2020
#FischerFreedom #FischerLP360 #defense #medical #wearables #IoMT #innovation #versatility #usability
When technology is engineered for the rigors of the military battlefield, it’s well prepared to transfer the same reliability and durability to the medical industry.

Impacto sobre entregas y logistica

Las entregas pueden retrasarse en algunos países

27 de marzo de 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #logistics #deliveries
Las medidas contra la propagación tomadas en algunos países están teniendo un impacto importante sobre la logística que afecta las entregas internacionales.

Impacto limitado

Se garantiza la continuidad del negocio a pesar que se endurecen las medidas de salud de emergencia

23 de marzo de 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Nuestra cadena de suministro y operaciones siguen siendo fuertes a pesar de endurecer las medidas de emergencia de salud y su impacto en las entregas, que sigue siendo limitado. Las prioridades del Grupo de trabajo COVID-19 son la protección de la salud de nuestros empleados y el servicio a nuestros clientes.

Fischer Connectors’ COVID-19 Task Force

Gestión de la continuidad del negocio: por ahora, sin repercusiones ni en la cadena de suministro ni en las operaciones

17 de marzo de 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
El equipo creado por Fischer Connectors para hacer seguimiento de la situación de la actual pandemia y gestionar la continuidad del negocio para sus clientes en todo el mundo considera que, por ahora, el brote de COVID-19 no ha tenido ninguna repercusión ni en su cadena de suministro ni en sus operaciones. de suministro ni en sus operaciones.

Cross-market versatility

Versatility by design: for all customer needs and applications

March 13, 2020
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The plug & use Fischer LP360TM connectors, cable assemblies and active devices from the Fischer FreedomTM technology platform are extremely versatile. Their unique features – breakthrough 360-degree mating freedom, easy cleaning and easy integration – meet the various needs and requirements of design engineers in a large variety of industries. At the service of end users, ultimately.