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IP68 sealing

June 30, 2020

IP68 sealing for waterproof connectors 

When you need a waterproof connector, the choice may not be as straightforward as just choosing an IP68-sealed solution. IP68 ratings can differ – for some, IP68 rated can mean as little as 1 meter for 15 minutes.

Check the specifics to ensure you have the correct level of sealing for your application; your products and your reputation could depend on it.

Even at Fischer Connectors, IP68 ratings can differ between product series: from our standard 2 m for 24 hours to 120 m for 24 hours and beyond upon custom request, allowing your devices to go deeper, for longer from the outset.

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Infographic with the technical specifications of Fischer Connectors’ solutions


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Video IP68 degree of protection (Fischer Freedom™ Series)


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