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new skills

October 23, 2020

Expanding our skills for something new to emerge

Innovation in its essence requires something new to emerge.

There is a before and an after.

Change happens.

And change requires tension.

A positive way to instill tension within the organization is to bring new skills and different ways of thinking and seeing the world.

That’s what we do when we hire students for an internship or a Master project.

We learn from them and they have a real impact on our business.

And every time there is an opportunity, the collaboration goes well beyond the duration of the project they have been hired for.

>> Watch these videos to meet two of our young engineers working in our R&D Center (Fischer Connectors’ world headquarters in Saint-Prex, Switzerland):  Development Engineer Marine Bouduban and Process Engineer Romain Paridant de Cauwere (more in "Meet our people" blog).