Fischer Freedom Series and medical applications

- Easy Mating
- Easy Cleaning
- Easy Integration
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Breakthrough connectivity technology

The Fischer Freedom™ Series offers breakthrough plug & use connectivity technology with easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration to maximize efficiency, usability and performance.

Facilitated integration and optimized cable management for use with medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental applications, cardiac assist devices, and disposable equipment.

The Fischer Freedom™ Series meets rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental product qualification and testing according to relevant international industry and medical standards.

Fischer Freedom™ Series

Revolutionary low-profile connector

  • 360° mating freedom 
  • Optimized cable management
  • Non-magnetic ball locking with predefined force
  • IP68 sealed to -20m/24h
Fischer Freedom Series - Key USP

Key features

Easy mating
  • No key code
  • Blind mating
Easy cleaning
  • Membrane-sealed contacts
  • IP68 sealed to -20m/24h
Easy integration
  • Low profile, right-angled plug
  • Wearable integration OR panel mounted
Fischer Freedom Series - Medical - Infography

Reimagine FREEDOM for life-saving applications

Lightweight, low-profile connectivity maximizing usability and performance of medical equipment:

  • Diagnostic & Imaging: MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound, etc.
  • Interventional & Surgical: Surgery, robotic surgery, dental applications, etc.
  • Monitoring & Therapeutic: Wearable devices, exoskeletons, heart-lung support systems, etc.

Made for extreme conditions

☑ Corrosion   

☑ Vibration   

☑ Shock   

☑ High temperatures


Meets international industry & medical standards


☑ EIA   

☑ MIL-STD-202   

☑ MIL-STD-810

Innovation Awards - Fischer Freedom Series

Two technology innovation awards for Fischer LP360™

The Fischer LP360™ connector has won two prestigious awards for technological innovation: the LEAP Award from Design World and the Innovators Award from Military & Aerospace Electronics. 

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