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sealed receptacles when unmated

October 16, 2020

No cap? No problem. Our receptacles are sealed when unmated.

In addition to the different levels of sealing we can offer (more here) it might interest you to know that our IP68 and hermetic receptacles are, due to the nature of their design, also sealed when unmated.*

While we always advise using protective caps when your connectors are unmated, if you should happen to leave the receptacle uncapped when not in use, water is unable to enter your device from the front of the receptacle – avoiding potential damage, electrical failure and even injury…

To provide additional protection from dust and debris, our soft caps are intermateable and supplied with a lanyard to ensure you always know where they are when you need them.

* The design of our panel-mounted receptacles prevents water ingress from the front of the receptacle, via the contact block, if left uncapped when unmated.

>> More in our Technical Specifications on Fischer Connectors’ product lines offering IP68-sealed receptacles when unmated:

Sealed Receptacles