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Fischer FiberOptic F01

New single fiber optic connector


Smaller and smarter

In March 2016, Fischer Connectors extended its fiber optic product line with a single fiber optic connector (FO1). This miniature, lightweight, rugged connectivity solution is easy to use and ensures premium optical performance even in harsh environments.

The FO1 connector is part of the Fischer FiberOptic Series, which offers the best quality and stability needed for an optical link, combined with easy mating and easy field cleaning. These fiber optic connectors perform perfectly in extreme environments, with ingress protections IP68 when mated and IP67 unmated.

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Single fiber optic connector FO1

Fischer FiberOptic Series FO1

Combined miniaturization and robustness

  • A miniature, lightweight, rugged connectivity solution
  • Available either in pre-configured reels or integrated into custom assemblies
  • Ideal for applications in instrumentation, sensing, defense and broadcasting, among many others.
Test extreme variations

Key features

  • IP68 mated & IP67 unmated
  • UPC & SM APC polishing
  • Easy cleaning even in the field
  • Easy mating thanks to push-pull locking system
  • Ultra-rugged for extreme outdoor applications
White Paper - Fiber Optic Sensing

Fiber Optic Sensing White Paper

The White Paper provides an overview of the technical basics behind sensing over fiber technologies, its main applications and the cabling solutions involved. The main purpose is to discuss the key factors that will help you define the best solution for your cabling needs, in order to have the most reliable and easy-to-maintain system that reduces your maintenance operations.

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