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COVID-19 Task Force

Resilient supply chain

Our supply chain is robust and allows us to respond to the rising volume of orders

July 9, 2021
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain #logistics #businesscontinuity
Our supply chain for our production of connectors and cable assembly solutions has proven resilient during the crisis. Despite some regional differences, our international delivery service continues to fulfill customer orders which are increasing due to the global economic recovery.
2nd wave

Cautious optimism as our supply chain holds up well

November 17, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Our COVID-19 Task Force now has a better understanding of the coronavirus and how best to protect people and our business during this second wave. Our operations and supply chain remain robust, and we’re cautiously optimistic for our shared business success.
Thanks to our suppliers

Maintaining our valued customer service thanks to our suppliers

July 2, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain
Our heartfelt thanks go to our suppliers for standing by us throughout this time of crisis.
Protection plan

Safety at work during pandemic times

May 26, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #safetyatwork
Since the beginning of the health crisis, Fischer Connectors has been implementing an elaborate protection plan to guarantee the safety of our staff in their workplace. New rules apply in terms of hygiene, behavior and social distancing. Take a behind-the-scenes look at our global headquarters’ manufacturing site in Switzerland.
Key supplier

Supplying essential components for mission-critical devices

April 15, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #supplychain #medical
Thank you for attesting to the key role and necessity of our connectivity solutions for your devices.



Impact on logistics

Deliveries may be delayed in some countries

March 27, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #logistics #deliveries
Anti-propagation measures taken in some countries are having a growing impact on the logistics affecting international deliveries.

Limited impact

The continuity of operations is assured despite the tightening of emergency health measures

March 23, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Our supply chain and operations remain robust despite the tightening emergency health measures and their impact on deliveries, which remains limited. The priorities of the COVID-19 Task Force are protecting the health of our staff and serving our customers.

Fischer Connectors’ COVID-19 Task Force

Business continuity management: so far, no impact on supply chain & operations

March 17, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
The task force set up by Fischer Connectors to monitor the situation of the current pandemic and to manage business continuity for its customers worldwide, assesses that the COVID-19 outbreak has had no impact on its supply chain and operations so far.