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We’re a family company that makes our customers' lives easier by putting them at the heart of everything we do. Continue to be a family before a company by being open, collaborative and human. Take ownership of creating value, both for our customers and our company. And most importantly, bring a sense of imagination, enthusiasm and optimism to your work every day. Only with passionate, empowered and collaborative employees can we reimagine connectivity that truly helps shape the future.

Jonathan Brossard, CEO 

past now future

While our customer-oriented vision and mission represent a new focus for the future, our values represent the Fischer Connectors DNA we’ve always had. We’ve simply put words to the same value-driven innovation and collaborative relationships that Walter Werner Fischer founded the company on more than 60 years ago.

Our vision, mission, values and beliefs represent who we are, what we do and why we do it. They’re a map for the future of our company so we all know where we’re going and how we’ll get there, together. They help position Fischer Connectors as a solutions provider that puts our customers at the heart of everything we do. From the decisions we make, to the goals we set, to the way we interact, everything we do should make our customers’ lives easier so we can help co-create the solutions that will shape the future. 

beginning of a journey




Even a connector company can change the world. Alone, we can’t go far, but together with our customers, we can create solutions that shape the future.

We’re a family before a company. We put people first, knowing that human relationships are at the heart of both our history and our future.

Our history guides us, our customers drive us. We look to both our pioneering roots and our customers’ needs to co-create innovative, customer-driven solutions.

When our customers thrive, we thrive. The success of our company depends on the success of our customers — so we’re passionate about helping them turn even their most ambitious ideas into reality.

We’re a partner, not just a provider. We don’t just provide connectors — we’re on an adventure with our customers to reimagine connectivity will help shape the world.

Connectivity should be easy. Our job is to make our customers’ lives easier by listening to their needs, providing tailored solutions and turning their connectivity challenges into success.

The best ideas begin with asking, “What if?” We are curious, imaginative and empowered to turn challenges into opportunities that push the boundaries of possibility.


Our vision defines our purpose: why Fischer Connectors exists.

Our vision



Our mission outlines what we do every day to make that vision a reality.

Our Mission


Our values lay out how we work and what’s most important to us.

Our values

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