Sealed, compact, high-density, all-weather solutions

ENERGY connectors and cable assemblies

Fischer Connectors offers complete solutions for energy - including green or renewable energy technologies, such as wind, solar and hydro power. More than 10,000 circular connectors are available to meet your specifications, plus a complete range of sensor connectors. All connectors are thoroughly tested to operate reliably in extreme weather conditions and throughout a wide temperature range.

Connectors and cable assembly solutions for renewable energy applications

  • Innovative, high-performance connectors and cabling
  • IP68 sealed connectors for watertight applications
  • Compact, high density connectors, ideal for tight spaces
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Well-suited to outdoor conditions and demanding environments
  • Highly reliable and durable


Field applications

  • Fischer Connectors provides the connecting solutions for FT Technology.
  • The brand-new Smart Hydro application in Germany uses Fischer Connectors because we deliver IP68 connectors.
  • The Solar Boat Team of the Technical University of Delft, Netherlands is equipped with Fischer UltiMate™ Series connectors.
Energy product lines
Rugged, compact and lightweight
Robust optical performance for extreme environments
Original high performance push-pull connectors
High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
When weight matters