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Seamless connectivity driving IoT & wearables

IoT & WEARABLE connectors and assembled solutions

Fischer Connectors offers breakthrough connectivity solutions that are easy to integrate and design-in for any Internet of Things (IoT) and wearable application, easy to use, and truly ease the burden on the end user.

The use of smart wearables is spreading as electronics are miniaturized, sensor technology improves, and computing power grows. New materials, designs, energy storage, scavenging technologies and production techniques are driving improvements in performance, functionality and usability. However, as the physical and digital worlds converge into the ‘Internet of Everything’, connectivity has become the limiting factor, or ‘weakest technological link’. It is paramount for power, data transfer and 24/7 availability.

Reliable, seamless connectivity is accelerating technological innovation, boosting performance, and opening up new business opportunities in IoT and wearable technologies. Factors such as weight, size, power density, ruggedness, durability, reliability and ease of use are key considerations when seeking ways of easing burdens on end users. End-to-end wearable solutions that offer seamless integration into existing systems and processes are in high demand.

Connectors and assembled solutions for IoT and wearable applications:

  • Small, lightweight, high density
  • Multifunction, combining signal & power 
  • Reliable & efficient
  • Highly performant in any environment
  • Easy to integrate, use and clean
  • Fast, secure data transfer over long distances
  • Fully customizable

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Field applications

  • Utralight rugged connectivity for EPFL’s TWIICE exoskeleton
    The TWIICE exoskeleton enables paraplegic people to walk again. It relies on Fischer Connectors’ custom-designed ultralight, rugged connectivity to give users more freedom, mobility and independence.
  • Reliable connectivity for Wearable Technologies Ltd’s smart vest
    Wearable Technologies Ltd’s smart vest protects users in dangerous environments. It relies on Fischer Connectors’ multifunctional connectors for efficient data transfer and improved productivity.
  • Mission-critical connectivity for SolarStratos’ solar plane
    SolarStratos, the first solar manned plane to fly to the stratosphere, relies on Fischer Connectors’ custom-designed connectivity for safety, usability and faultless performance in harsh environments.
  • Shared data & power bus for IoT & smart wearables
    The Fischer Freedom™ Series is easily integrated into an ‘intelligent’ vest, which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus.
IoT & Wearables product lines
Easy mating, easy cleaning, easy integration
High density, signal & power in one miniature connector
Rugged, compact and lightweight
Fast data transfer in extreme environments
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