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Fischer Freedom™ Series - Awarded product
Fischer Freedom™ Series
Fischer Freedom™ Series


  • Easy mating
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy integration


Breakthrough connectivity technology maximizing efficiency, usability and performance while facilitating integration and optimizing cable management.

The Fischer Freedom™ Series offers easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration into fixed or wearable devices for any market.

The Fischer Freedom™ Series meets rigorous electrical, mechanical and environmental product qualification and testing according to relevant international industry and military standards like IEC, EIA, MIL-STD-202, MIL-STD-810.

Key features and benefits

Easy Mating

easy mating

  • No key code: 360° mating freedom & optimized cable management
  • Blind-mate, non-magnetic ball locking with variable force


Easy Cleaning

easy cleanning

  • Membrane-sealed contacts, fully cleanable (plug and receptacle)
  • IP68 sealed to -20m/24h


Easy Integration

easy integration

  • Low profile, right-angled plug
  • Wearable integration OR panel mounted (receptacle), easy cable assembly OR direct integration into device (plug)


Technology innovation awards

Photo of 4 awards LP360™
The Fischer Freedom™ technology platform continues to gain international peer recognition: winning four awards in one year (web news, July 18, 2019). From left to right: 2018 Innovators Award, 2018 LEAP Award, 2019 Electronics Industry Award, 2019 Electrons d'Or.

Optimized Cable Management

Fischer Freedom™ Series - optimized cable management
The Fischer Freedom™ Series optimizes cable management with an extremely reliable connectivity ecosystem.

Shared data and power bus opens up new opportunities in smart clothing and IOT

Fischer Freedom Series - integrability and usability
The usability as well as the integrability of the Fischer Freedom™ Series contribute to making wearable devices smaller, faster and smarter – and, ultimately, to making high-performance and smart clothing a reality.

The Fischer Freedom™ Series enables design engineers to build an intelligent vest which works as a hub with multiple portable and body-worn devices connected to a shared data and power bus. Clutter is reduced and usability increased, making equipment lighter and faster to set up. These benefits also open up further opportunities in the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn more about our wearable connectivity solutions in the IIoT ecosystem.