Swiss national TV features Fischer Connectors as industry 4.0 smart factory

RTS footage
Fischer Connectors on Swiss national TV’s news on industry 4.0 trend

Fischer Connectors has kicked off the New Year in the limelight. On 4th January, the company featured in a TV report on the industry 4.0 trend during the main news broadcast of its homeland’s national TV RTS (French-speaking part of Switzerland).

RTS footageIn the report entitled "Major changes 2017 / Humans and robots work side by side", Fischer Connectors exemplifies the smart factory of the industry 4.0 era, whose manufacturing technologies integrate cyber-physical systems.

Engineering Director Stephane Rohrbach explains how robots and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) tools improve manufacturing efficiency and quality & control processes with streamlined human-machine interfaces and information flows.

The film footage was produced at Fischer Connectors’ worldwide headquarters and state-of-the-art manufacturing facility – located in St-Prex, Switzerland – which manufactures the company’s high-quality connectors and connectivity solutions that are distributed worldwide.

  • Watch the TV report (in French, 1’15’’) on the RTS TV website