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Partnerships & Sponsorships

Partnership & Sponsorships

Innovation and expertise to solve the challenges of the future

As an industry leader in interconnect solutions, we believe it’s our responsibility today to help solve the technological challenges of tomorrow.

From solar-powered aviation to assistive robotics, energy-efficient shipping to STEM education, Fischer Connectors is reimagining connectivity with initiatives that push the boundaries of innovation and technology.

Drawing upon our vast experience in connectivity, we provide our partners with financial and in-kind support, customized solutions and technical guidance on key areas of expertise, including: 

  • resistance to extreme environments
  • space and weight savings
  • data transmission
  • usability

Our partners include universities, associations and innovation teams, while our support ranges from sponsoring individual projects to creating long-term collaborative partnerships. 

Together, we’re creating solutions that will shape the future. 

Our Partnerships

Past Partnership: RoboNation

our connectivity solutions