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      Fischer FiberOptic

    • Fischer FiberOptic

      Fischer FiberOptic

    • Fischer FiberOptic

      Fischer FiberOptic


  • The best of butt-joint optical performance, singlemode (UPC/APC) and multimode (UPC)
  • Quick and easy field cleaning
  • IP68 (mated) / (IP67) unmated
  • Removable mono-block mate adapter

Robust optical performance in extreme environments

  • Key Features
  • IP68 (mated) / IP67 (unmated)
  • 1,000 mating cycles
  • Performs under extreme environment 
Optical Performance
  • Low back reflection
  • Singlemode (APC/UPC) & Multimode optical fibers
  • APC & UPC polishing 
Easy field cleaning (Video)
  • Removable mono-block mate adapter for easy access to ferrules
Easy mating
  • Push-Pull connector system makes it easy to mate/unmate with one hand


Fischer FiberOptic connector and cabling solutions offer the best quality and stability needed for an optical link, combined with easy mating and easy field cleaning. They will perform perfectly in harsh and extreme environments and have a high ingress protection of IP68 when mated, and IP67 unmated.

  • Complete fiber optic cable assemblies can also be provided for maximum performance and time saving, either directly from our factory or from one of our in-country Value Added Reseller partners. 
  • The Fischer FiberOptic Series is available in two versions:

Fischer FiberOptic FO1, FO2 & FO4 – Robust Optical Performance

The Fischer FiberOptic Series with one (FO1), two (FO2) or four (FO4) optical channels features some major novelties. Fischer Connectors is able to offer a fiber solution that is extremely quick and easy to clean thanks to a removable mono-block mate adapter and to the possibility of rinsing the unmated connectors freely under water or in an ultrasound bath.

Fischer FiberOptic Hybrid – Robust Powered Optical Solution

A rugged hybrid connector with four channels is available for any electrical / optical combinations. The Fischer FiberOptic Series hybrid connector with two optical channels and two electrical contacts is perfectly suitable for demanding indoor and outdoor applications, where space saving is essential. The hybrid FOH 2-2 has the same key features and benefits as the Fischer FiberOptic Series FO1, FO2 and FO4.

Fischer FiberOptic Series in a nutshell

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