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Robonation partnership

We believe that shaping the future of robotics starts with developing future engineers. 

Fischer Connectors partnered from 2016 to 2018 with RoboNation, a community that attracts, inspires and develops future roboticists, engineers and scientists of all ages. Our partnership supported STEM educational programs and competitions around robotics – cultivating the next generation of unmanned vehicle systems technology.  

The Partnership

Our experts are passionate about reimaging connectivity (and are also more than a little competitive), so it was natural that Fischer Connectors supported teams participating in RoboNation competitions. As a partner, we helped students discover how to engineer a winning unmanned vehicle, whether it’s a boat, submarine, race car or drone.
In 2017, we supported the international RoboSub challenge: a collegiate-level competition to design and build a working ROV (underwater remotely operated vehicle) from scratch.
Our support to competing teams included:
  • Connectors and cable assemblies
  • Technical guidance and engineering advice for interconnects 

The Project

RoboNation is an online community created by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) Foundation. With the support of partners like us, RoboNation aims to create an engaging educational platform for bright minds of all ages to learn about unmanned vehicle systems and robotics.
Each year, RoboNation offers a series of educational programs as well as robotics competitions that allow students to apply their STEM education outside the classroom, preparing them for the workforce. 

The Impact

Through partnerships such as the one with RoboNation, Fischer Connectors is investing in the workforce of the future. We believe in the powerful combination of expertise, imagination and innovation, and we’re nurturing the next generation of builders, creators and engineers who will shape the future of robotics.

“Fischer Connectors in North America has traditionally worked with colleges and universities to support teams participating in robotics and racing programs. We help young engineers-in-training understand best practices for connectors, especially the rugged solutions we provide. The support for RoboSub was an outgrowth of that informal support and allowed us to help even more engineers in the US and beyond.” – Lisa Gardner, MarCom Manager, Fischer Connectors.