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Success stories

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The forces and torques acting on machines and systems, especially on the axes, need to be monitored constantly. This is the only way to ensure safe and precise operation. One proven methodology for obtaining reliable results is strain gauge technology. However, since the sensors are very small, the connection technology also has to be suitably minimized. At the same time, data transmission must remain stable even when there are vibrations. For its sensors, ME-Meßsysteme GmbH from Hennigsdorf in Brandenburg, Germany, therefore relies on the compact, robust connectors in the Fischer MiniMax™ Series.

ITTH GmbH & Co. KG relies on hybrid connectors from the Fischer FiberOptic Series for data transmission in the high-performance scanning systems used for the automatic optical inspection of brake shoes on Danish State Railways. Thanks to high-performance camera systems, the scanning systems installed in the track bed at the stations in Odense and Kolding take photos of the brake shoes as the trains pass over them. Subsequent transmission to the computer system takes place at a speed of 10 Gbit/s via hybrid connectors from the Fischer FiberOptic Series. Since the system is located in the track bed, the connectors need to be suitably robust and resistant to external influences. The Fischer connectors have IP68 and IP67 sealings. They are resistant to external influences such as dust, rain and snow. Even oil and gasoline, that they may also come into contact with in the track bed, cannot harm the connectors.

VRaktion relies on the robust connectors from the Fischer Freedom™ Series for optimal connectivity in a smart work shoe co-developed with the safety shoe manufacturer Elten. The shoes have laser sensors at the front and back that send the wearer a warning on his or her smartphone or smartwatch via Bluetooth if they approach an obstacle. The technology in the shoe is powered by a high-performance battery. Connectors from the Fischer Freedom™ Series are used to recharge it. These were specially developed for use in harsh conditions. This means the shoes can be used on muddy surfaces, in sewers or on dusty building sites without damaging the connectors.

Getinge's mobile heart-lung support system, Cardiohelp, uses Fischer Connectors' Fischer Core Series connectors to guarantee optimal connectivity. In many rescue operations, every second counts when it comes to saving a patient's life. To ensure the system can be activated quickly and easily, the technology has to be reliable and straightforward. Moreover, the components need to be easy to clean and robust enough to prevent aggressive medical cleaning agents from causing any damage. Getinge found exactly the right solution for its Cardiohelp with the Fischer Core Series connectors.

SENSYS Magnetometers & Survey Solutions relies on Fischer Freedom™ connectors for optimal connectivity in its magnetometers for archaeologists and UneXploded Ordnance (UXO) disposal services. For quick and easy assembly in the field, users need connections that ensure easy mating, yet withstand wind and weather, and are easy to clean. An additional key criterion: all device components must have no or very little residual magnetism to prevent any interference with the measurements. With the Fischer LP360™ 7-contact connector from the new Fischer Freedom™ Series, SENSYS found exactly the right solution for its magnetometers – and benefits from personalized service.

Success story

Strategic Robotics Systems (SRS) uses the IP68-sealed Fischer FiberOptic single-fiber connector (FO1) in its revolutionary FUSION unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV). While tethered, the UUV can send data back to the topside team in real time – from down to 1,000 feet.

Success story

SteriLux’s innovative SterOx System sterilizer uses Fischer Core Series connectors for their hermeticity and suitability for 240-volt applications. The high-performance connectors exactly match the Swiss company’s key requirements for ruggedness, reliability and durability, and ensure that the solution meets the high safety standards required for medical devices.

Success Story

Piletest uses the Fischer LP360™ 7-pin connector in its state-of-the-art Pile Echo Tester instrument to test pile foundation integrity. With its added value in usability and integration capability, Fischer Connectors’ solution turned the connector from being ‘the weak link’ into ‘a performance & quality enhancer’.

Success Story

Fischer Connectors keenly supports sporting events that showcase innovative materials and technology, demonstrating why expertise and reliability matter when the going gets tough. The company’s staff also gets a thrill out of helping young engineers overcome environmental constraints and make new technological breakthroughs that open up new opportunities for the future.

Success Story

Solving new challenges in extreme sports environments where expertise, innovation and reliability are key. That's a favorite activity for Fischer Connectors' electrical and mechanical engineering teams.