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Proven & reliable, disposable or durable medical solutions

MEDICAL connectivity solutions

When a life is on the line, proven and reliable connectivity is essential. Fischer Connectors' solutions are ideally designed for medical electronic equipment, including diagnostic devices, surgical instruments, therapy applications, dental applications, cardiac assist devices, and disposable equipment. Our comprehensive medical connectors product line includes sterilizable, reusable, hybrids, as well as cost-effective disposable connectors. Custom designs are available to meet specific application requirements. Cable assembly options include silicon and low-friction coatings. Fischer Connectors helps medical device manufacturers reduce risk and run the FDA gauntlet by working closely to build just the right interconnect solutions.



Key Features

  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • ISO 13485
  • Safe locking systems add security
  • Watertight sealing up to IP68
  • EMI/RFI shielding for reliable data transmission

The Fischer Freedom™ Series is a breakthrough technology platform. Its versatile plug & use connectivity solutions offer easy mating, easy cleaning and easy integration for a multitude of Interventional & Surgical / Diagnostic & Imaging / Monitoring & Therapeutic applications.

The integration of Fischer LP360™ plug and use connectors, and its range extensions, into fixed and wearable ecosystems aa well as cable-free devices maximizes efficiency, usability and performance.

Fischer LP360™ connectivity solutions facilitate integration and optimize cable management in medical applications such as MRI, CT scanners, ultrasound, robotic surgery, dental applications, wearable devices, exoskeletons, heart-lung support systems, etc.

Fischer Freedom Series - Infography Medical
NEW product extensions to the Fischer LP360™ as of September 2019: 

  • Connector size 08 (4 signal & power contacts) in metal and plastic
  • Cabled receptacle and panel plug on connector size 14 (7 signal & power contacts)
  • Active devices: USB 2.0 adaptor, LED and Rugged Flash Drive


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Diagnostic and Imaging connector Interventional and Surgical connectors


Next-generation interconnect solutions for the latest diagnostic and imaging technologies 



State-of-the-art connectors ensuring utmost precision and security for every intervention



Monitoring and Therapeutic connectors Custom solutions for medical connectors


Easy-to-use and reliable interconnect solutions delivering vital patient information




Solving unique challenges with distinctive requirements and demands




Field applications

  • Dental Moving has chosen Fischer Connectors for the development of the Easy.Macro.View
    Dental Moving has chosen Fischer Connectors for the development of the Easy.Macro.View.
  • Fischer Connectors created an unique solution for the Maquet CARDIOHELP
    Fischer Connectors created a unique medical connector solution for the Maquet Cardiohelp.
  • EMS uses Fischer Core Series for its Swiss DolorClast
    "Fischer Connectors is a reliable partner for medical applications. One of their strong points is their ability to develop customized solutions for your devices." Thomas B., Purchaser at Electro Medical Systems (EMS), Switzerland.