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Since March 2020

Knowledge transfer

Military to medical: an effective technology transfer

March 31, 2020
#FischerFreedom #FischerLP360 #defense #medical #wearables #IoMT #innovation #versatility #usability
When technology is engineered for the rigors of the military battlefield, it’s well prepared to transfer the same reliability and durability to the medical industry.

Impact on logistics

Deliveries may be delayed in some countries

March 27, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #logistics #deliveries
Anti-propagation measures taken in some countries are having a growing impact on the logistics affecting international deliveries.

Limited impact

The continuity of operations is assured despite the tightening of emergency health measures

March 23, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Our supply chain and operations remain robust despite the tightening emergency health measures and their impact on deliveries, which remains limited. The priorities of the COVID-19 Task Force are protecting the health of our staff and serving our customers.

Fischer Connectors’ COVID-19 Task Force

Business continuity management: so far, no impact on supply chain & operations

March 17, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
The task force set up by Fischer Connectors to monitor the situation of the current pandemic and to manage business continuity for its customers worldwide, assesses that the COVID-19 outbreak has had no impact on its supply chain and operations so far.

Cross-market versatility

Versatility by design: for all customer needs and applications

March 13, 2020
#FischerFreedom #FischerLP360 #versatility #medical #defense #industrial #instrumentation #wearables
The plug & use Fischer LP360TM connectors, cable assemblies and active devices from the Fischer FreedomTM technology platform are extremely versatile. Their unique features – breakthrough 360-degree mating freedom, easy cleaning and easy integration – meet the various needs and requirements of design engineers in a large variety of industries. At the service of end users, ultimately.