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High-performance cable assembly solutions for any application

Your tailored solution with our technologies – ruggedness, sealing, high density and high-speed data transmission

We offer you complete high-performance cable assembly solutions for any application – integrating precision connectors, components, parts and engineered cables, all built to your specifications.

By partnering with us to streamline your supply chain, you gain access to our engineers and technical support teams for:

  • custom cable assembly design assistance
  • technical cable assembly drawings
  • 100% electrical and sealing testing

Our worldwide network ensures short production lead times and rapid delivery to meet your project deadline.


White Paper for connectivity-by-design decision-making

Knowing which information you need upfront, at the start of the design process, will set you on the right path to designing a cable assembly successfully.

This White Paper explains the benefits of cable assembly solutions and what engineers need to consider when working on their interconnect solution. It covers a wide range of topics, such as applications, connector types, termination methods, sealing requirements and other parts of the cable-design process.


Understanding the end-use application and its environment is crucial to the overall interconnect-solution design. You need to consider aspects like conductor size, material, configuration, the form factor of the connector, the cable configuration including jacket material, strength members and shielding. Termination options, and options like bend reliefs and sealing caps, also need to be considered.


Our White Paper guides you in selecting the most appropriate materials to ensure optimal performance. It explains the different material options that can affect the interconnect-solution design of a device and how to choose these materials.

Access the White Paper by filling in the short form at the top of this page.


Fischer Connectors’ cable assembly portfolio

From our state-of-the-art ISO-certified cable assembly facilities in EMEA, the Americas and Asia-Pacific, our engineering and manufacturing experts provide complete cable assembly solutions, from integrated, electrical, optical, fluid/gas and hybrid connectors to full turn-key systems:

  • Rugged and sealed cable assembly solutions for a wide range of markets where reliability and performance are at stake
  • Silicone overmolding for silicone cables providing high heat protection and maximum flexibility in the medical field
  • USB 3.0, Ethernet and HDMI protocols for applications requiring fast data transmission

Our solutions include: Overmolded cable assemblies, including thermoplastic & silicone | right-angle overmolds | wiring harness assemblies | rugged & submersible cable solutions | potting to allow submersion | heat shrinking for added protection and support to exposed wire | fiber optic termination | third-party connector integration | pigtails.

We also provide a complete range of accessories including protective caps and tools.

Connectivity-by-design approach and four-step process

By supporting you throughout your cable assembly project from design, prototyping and manufacturing to assembly and installation, our experts follow a connectivity-by-design approach and a four-step process.

Connectivity by design enables innovation by removing integration and cable management roadblocks for OEM design engineers and enhancing usability for end users. In practice, it means identifying connectivity requirements, constraints, and opportunities upstream in the application design process and then striving to integrate reliable, high-performance, easy-to-use connectivity solutions capable of simultaneously satisfying various technical requirements — such as supplying high power and transferring massive amounts of data in even harsh and extreme operating environments — as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

We follow a four-step process to ensure you design the right cable assembly solution to fulfill your unique technical, quality and cost requirements:

  1. Choose the ideal CONNECTOR for your application
    – Fischer Core, UltiMate, FiberOptic, MiniMax, Freedom
  2. Select the best CABLE TYPE for your need
    – e.g. for extreme environments, medical, military, instrumentation, or fiber optic
  3. Get the right BEND RELIEF
    – pre-molded bend reliefs, thermoplastic/silicone/custom overmolds
  4. Choose the TERMINATION on the other end
    – Fischer Connectors’ products, third-party or industry-standard connectors (Ethernet, USB, HDMI), bluntcut/pigtail

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