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Connectivity solutions for rugged computing applications

Connectivity solutions for rugged computing applications

Take your computing devices to the next level

Reliable connectivity isn’t an option when it comes to computing.

As your partner in interconnect solutions, we'll work with you to transform your technical requirements into specific connectivity solutions that make your rugged computing devices ultra-reliable and easy to use in the field, however rough the conditions.

Whether for military, industrial or commercial applications, our connectors and cable assemblies solutions make rugged computing more reliable, more resistant to severe conditions, and able to transfer data at higher data speeds.

Our Solutions

Our interconnect solutions for rugged computing are:

  • Durable: resistant to shock, vibration, corrosion, extreme temperatures
  • Compact and lightweight: high pin density and weight-saving materials
  • Environmentally sealed: water- and dust-tight up to IP68/IP69
  • Fast: tested to high-speed data transfer protocols (USB 3.0/2.0 – Ethernet – HDMI)
  • Protected: 360° EMC shielding
  • With pre-cabled and/or custom solutions available


Leading manufacturers of rugged computing use our interconnect solutions to improve performance in a broad range of sectors worldwide – e.g. defense & security, test & measurement, transportation & logistics, exploration, and industrial.

Some examples of purpose-built devices:

  • Rugged notebooks and vehicle mounts for transmitting critical real-time surveillance & mapping intelligence – to speed up decision making on the front line
  • Lightweight, ruggedized handheld terminals and PDAs for testing and measuring on any terrain – to provide utmost agility and reliable connectivity
  • Shock-resistant, ruggedized controlling servers mounted in vehicles, aircraft or ships – to protect vital information on the go
  • Easy-to-use, rugged tablets for engineers or law enforcement officers – to improve productivity, safety and response times
  • Durable, rugged terminals on production lines or in warehouses – to capture and analyze real-time data to prevent unscheduled downtime and manage stock efficiently
Defense & Security Test & Measurement Transportation & Logistics Exploration Industrial
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Our Expertise

Ultrafast data transmission

Ultrafast data transmission When it comes to technology, reliable connectivity is essential. Flawless, ultra-fast data transmission over long distances is especially critical for secured data and image transfer. For high-speed data transfer and picture-perfect resolution, our high-density and fiber optic connectors provide the signal and power you need to control your data, every time, wherever you are. Our solutions have been tested to comply with high-speed USB 3.0/2.0, HDMI and Ethernet data protocols.


Miniaturization & density

Miniaturization & density Many industries are opting to use portable rugged computing devices to maximize performance and versatility when on the move. To help them, computers need to be more compact, lighter and easier to use, as well as rugged enough to endure field conditions. Our miniature connectivity solutions are renowned for their high-performance, reliability and speed, any time and in any place. When reducing size and weight is a priority, our lightweight, compact connectors and cable assemblies are the right solution for you. We also offer you a cutting-edge option that combines signal and power in a very compact and high-density connector.


Ruggedness & Sealing

Ruggedness & Sealing Whether in combat, disaster surveillance, extreme sports, or in civil engineering operations, rugged computing must be designed, manufactured and tested to withstand even the toughest environments.

Fischer Connectors’ solutions meet or exceed military and IEC standards when it comes to ruggedness and sealing. Our standard IP68 sealed solutions have been certified to 2 meters/24 hours. Furthermore, the Fischer MiniMax™ Series has been tested down to 20m/24h and the Fischer UltiMate™ Series down to 120m/24h. If your application needs to go even deeper, we can also develop custom solutions for you.

When your computing’s functionality is a matter of life and death, our connectors and cable assemblies ensure reliable connectivity and peace of mind when it matters most.

Up to 3x smaller

Our Products

Our connectivity solutions are renowned for their reliability, durability and performance. We offer you a range of rugged and versatile connectors and cable assembly solutions, tested to MIL-SPECS and IEC standards, which can withstand tough field conditions (dust, vibration, extreme temperatures, corrosion, etc.).

Find out more:


to learn more about how we can help you create lighter, smaller, smarter rugged computer applications.


Roda’s rugged notebook featuring the Fischer UltiMate™ Series and Fischer Rugged Flash Drive

Roda’s rugged notebook featuring the Fischer UltiMate™ Series and Fischer Rugged Flash Drive for multiprotocol interfacing.


Mercury Systems’ rugged NanoPAKTM

Mercury Systems’ rugged NanoPAK™ small form factor computer features connectors from the Fischer MiniMax™ Series, chosen for their signal + power combination and small, light footprint.


Scorpion™ Rugged Battle Management (RBM) notebook

The Scorpion™ Rugged Battle Management (RBM) notebook computer by DRS Technologies features Fischer Core Series connectors.



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