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Connectivity solutions for Test & Measurement applications

Trust our connectivity solutions for your test & measurement devices

Read our white paper: "Instrumentation and the Internet of things"

White Paper: Instrumentatin and the Internet of ThingsThe Internet of Things has been getting more than its share of publicity in the consumer world lately. The concept of devices making their own decisions based on free flowing data from other devices has been fully embraced by engineers developing instrumentation and industrial applications.

This trend, coupled with the move toward smaller and smarter devices, challenges design engineers to examine how leveraging the newest interconnect technology helps them build smaller and smarter instrumentation devices.

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How to choose the right connectivity solutions

Connectors of Fischer Connectors are included in the ELOTEST M2

Fischer Connectors’ products suit high-performance instrumentation and data-logging applications. Select from a wide range of contact configurations, including low and high voltage, fiber optics, hybrid connections for transmitting gas or fluid in the same body and hermetically sealed options. 

Fischer Connectors - Expertise on instrumentation

Build smaller & smarter test and measurement devices by selecting our connectors and cable assembly solutions. Meet the team that gives you a competitive advantage when you find the perfect, rugged connector solution to your size, weight, power and data transfer challenges.


“Sealed to IP68” means different thinks to different suppliers.  Make sure you know what sealing means to you.  Download our white paper "Environmentally Sealed Connectors" to learn about Fischer Connectors’ approach to making sure your connector solution is sealed to your requirements.

Fischer Connectors’ five product lines in action

The cost of poor connectivity can impact dramatically the overall reliability of your device as well as the quality of the transferred data. Get an overview  of our five product lines, electrical and optical, and identify the best connectors for your application-specific requirements. 

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