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COVID-19 Task Force

Impact on logistics

Deliveries may be delayed in some countries

March 27, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #logistics #deliveries
Anti-propagation measures taken in some countries are having a growing impact on the logistics affecting international deliveries.

Limited impact

The continuity of operations is assured despite the tightening of emergency health measures

March 23, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
Our supply chain and operations remain robust despite the tightening emergency health measures and their impact on deliveries, which remains limited. The priorities of the COVID-19 Task Force are protecting the health of our staff and serving our customers.

Fischer Connectors’ COVID-19 Task Force

Business continuity management: so far, no impact on supply chain & operations

March 17, 2020
#coronavirus #COVID19 #taskforce #businesscontinuity #supplychain
The task force set up by Fischer Connectors to monitor the situation of the current pandemic and to manage business continuity for its customers worldwide, assesses that the COVID-19 outbreak has had no impact on its supply chain and operations so far.