Look! New video showcases Fischer Connectors’ products in a medical context

Fischer Connectors’ products in a medical context
New video on connectivity solutions for medical & healthcare applications

Fischer Connectors has just released a new video showing how its four product lines are used by healthcare professionals and patients – in hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers and dental surgeries; in labs; in emergencies and field operations; and at home or as wearables.

Key features and benefits are clearly highlighted for each product used in a specific context.  

This new video gives customers and prospects:

A quick overview of the Fischer Core, UltiMate™, FiberOptic, MiniMax™ Series  and the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive in action

Guidance on the best connectivity solutions for their application-specific requirements

Relevant technical specifications, including sealing levels, EMI protection, sterilization capabilities and ease of mating or handling with gloves.

The video is a novel and exciting way of getting design engineers acquainted with our product lines and helping them choose the right solution for their connectivity challenges in demanding medical environments where safety and reliability are paramount.

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