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Image new corporate brochure of Fischer Connectors
Discover in Fischer Connectors’ new corporate brochure the company’s evolution as a partner in connectivity and its vision to help shape the future with its customers.
Serving customers in Sweden with RODAN Technologies
Distributor RODAN Technologies now brings Fischer Connectors’ connectivity solutions and expertise to customers in the Swedish market.
Sponsoring shared values: PolySports with EPFL & UNIL
Fischer Connectors is a proud sponsor of PolySports, a friendly sports tournament between EPFL and UNIL students, which will include the Fischer Connectors Ultimate Cup.
Two technology innovation awards for Fischer LP360™
Fischer Connectors is honored to receive two innovation awards for its ground-breaking LP360™ technology, giving international recognition to its customer-centric R&D
Electronica 2018
Fischer Connectors demonstrates its vision for connectivity at Electronica 2018
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 ceremony
EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 (Switzerland)
Entrepreneur Of The Year: finalists selected
Fischer Connectors among the 18 finalists of Entrepreneur Of The Year 2018 (Switzerland)
New Trend Paper on emerging wearable applications
Discover emerging trends in wearable technology in Fischer Connectors’ first Trend Paper
Fischer Freedom™ Series offers breakthrough plug & use technology to maximize efficiency, usability and performance, facilitate integration and optimize cable management
Fischer MiniMax Series
Miniature high-speed data: Fischer MiniMaxTM Series with AWG24 Ethernet and 20m/24h IP68 sealing