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Quality & Environment

Fischer Connectors is committed to quality throughout every phase of the company's operations.

A comprehensive Management System including quality, safety and the environment has been implemented to ensure our products and procedures meet high quality standards. It is continuously improved to guarantee our customers' satisfaction.

Through a global approach of connectors' lifecycle from their design till their disposal, Fischer Connectors is committed to conservation of the global environment and aims at supporting a sustainable development.

Taking care of the health and safety of employees in the workplace is a priority for Fischer Connectors.

Download the Integraded Management System Document


Video: Meet the Fischer Connectors USA Quality Team


Certifications & Compliance

Fischer Connectors supports its customers and applies within its organization all directives and norms improving the quality, safety and environmental friendliness of its connectors, processes and systems.

More information about certifications and compliance.

Download the certificates for Fischer Connectors.