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Helping SolarStratos push the limits with mission-critical connectivity! 

Fischer Partnership with SolarStratos

Imagine yourself aboard a solar-powered plane flying in total silence at more than 24,000 meters (approx. 80,000 feet), enjoying a spectacular view of the Earth and the stars! You’ll understand why, at Fischer Connectors, we’re so excited about being chosen as Official Partner to provide mission-critical connectivity to SolarStratos.

SolarStratos - To the edge of space

This ambitious adventure – to send the first manned solar plane to penetrate the stratosphere – will demonstrate the potential of solar energy and explore new territories when it comes to the future of aviation (manned and unmanned, solar and electric).

The human and technical challenges are daunting. The tandem two-seater plane – with a wingspan of 24 meters, length of 8.5 meters and weight of 350 kilos – will be propelled solely by solar energy, backed by a Li-ion battery. On the five-hour mission, pilot Raphaël Domjan (photo below) will wear an astronaut’s pressurised suit which will function uniquely with solar energy, constituting a world first. He’ll brave temperatures of -70 degrees!

In the fragile yet hostile environment on the edge of space, all technology used on board has to be totally reliable. We’re overjoyed that Fischer Connectors’ connectivity solutions have been selected for their track record of high reliability in extreme environments, their optimal ratio of light weight and high performance, and their ability to transmit large volumes of data fast over long distances. We’re working closely with the SolarStratos team to provide the ideal solution for this mythical Swiss and global adventure.

Raphaël Domjan, founder and pilot of SolarStratos

As SolarStratos’ founder and pilot Raphaël Domjan explains: “After having made the first round-the-world tour powered by solar energy with PlanetSolar and having demonstrated that it is possible to travel using renewables, it seems to me that it is necessary to go even further and overtake what has been achieved with fossil fuels… Beyond this adventure, our project is to open a door on commercial electrical or solar aviation on the edge of space, with the aim of achieving unique travel with private passengers or scientists.”

“At Fischer Connectors, we’ve always been passionate about going beyond what’s considered possible and pushing back the limits of human understanding. Combining a compelling strategic vision with Swiss high-performance technology and courageous international teamwork is what makes us tick, so we’re right behind the pioneering SolarStratos team in their exciting quest to revolutionize transport and protect the environment. Indeed, we’re more than partners – we’re devoted fans!” says Jonathan Brossard, Fischer Connectors’ CEO.

Mission Montreal

The first international “stopover” of SolarStratos takes place from June 15 to June 22 in Montreal, Canada, where it is the guest star of the Northern Solar Festival and the 12th Metropolis Congress. The event will culminate in an exhibition flight over the St Lawrence River.

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