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University Sponsorships

University parnerships

At Fischer Connectors, we help the students of today solve the challenges of tomorrow.

We support teams from top engineering schools which are competing in STEM innovation programs. From space exploration to energy-efficient marine technology, we’re helping the next generation of engineers develop the technology of the future.

The Partnership

Combining innovation and experience is at the core of everything we do here at Fischer Connectors – and that includes our partnerships with universities. We love helping future engineers reimagine, design and develop technology that could one day shape the future of an industry. 

Drawing on our 60 years of experience in connectors and cable assemblies, we offer teams of students:

  • In-kind support
  • Technical guidance and engineering advice
  • Expertise and best practices for interconnect solutions

The Projects

Our sponsorships support teams from some of the world’s leading technology universities. The STEM projects serve as idea incubators, awareness-raising opportunities and educational tools, convening talent worldwide to solve forward-looking technical challenges.


International University Rover Challenge (URC)

We are a proud sponsor of PolySports, a multi-sport tournament between EPFL and UNIL students that celebrates teamwork, personal motivation and excellence. As part of the sponsorship, one of the sporting events – the ultimate frisbee competition – will be named for Fischer Connectors: the Fischer Connectors Ultimate Cup.

International University Rover Challenge (URC)

URC is an international competition for college students to design, build, and field the next generation of Mars rovers. The rovers compete in five tasks that reflect what may be required of a rover on a real Martian expedition. The competition is part of the Mars Society’s Rover Challenge Series.

Partner: University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)
Team:  Robotics for Space Exploration (RSX)


The flagship event of the Hydros Foundation, the HYDROcontest is the first international student competition dedicated to naval energy efficiency. Students are invited to design, build and pilot the most energy efficient boat that “carries more, faster, using less energy.”


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)
Team: Hydrocontest EPFL


The Impact

Through our sponsorships, we provide expertise, resources and connectivity solutions to help develop future engineers. Together with universities, we’re helping the students of today solve the technical challenges of tomorrow.

Hydrocontest EPFL team
The EPFL Hydrocontest team with their light boat racing in St Tropez (September 2017)

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